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More miscellaneous, including food and argh and geekery.

I have so far left two messages for the random place that is advertising on Craigslist. They have not yet gotten back to me. This may be a Sign. Either that or they're crazy busy. But in either case :(

Thursday involved the Farmers' Market. My haul includes: two quarts of blueberries, many peaches, many nectarines, strawberries, raspberries, and corn. Actually, I think that was my whole haul, except for the pastries, which are not fruit exactly, but were very good. (One was a straightforward blueberry and cheese Danish, and one was something complicated that turned out to be a square of coconut macaroon with a pineapple ring and a candied cherry on top, and also sugar syrup on top, and also with one half dipped in chocolate ganache.) I took the fact that the resident yellowjackets were basically having an orgy on the pineapple things as a ringing endorsement, and got a (wasp-free) one, even though I'd only intended to get a Danish.

Another one of Madman's fans died Wednesday, leaving him with two case fans. Note: the sound of a fan failing is not one that you ever want to hear. There is this scraping grinding thudding noise, and then freakish silence. This was fodder for today's Wacky Adventures.

One for the "You might be an Alaskan if..." list: you are surprised to find out that in other states, "To Build a Fire" is college-level literature, and not supplemental language-arts tie-in for the 2nd through 4th grade Outdoor Survival units.

I did not attend the usual Thursday night festivities due to sleep schedule woes. I crashed at 9 (which is around when I usually show up) and woke at a refreshing 5:30am. Shortly thereafter Madman unbooted himself, and then attempted to reboot but he hung on Windows startup. I declared that that was Enough of This Noise, and shut him down until such time as I procured additional fans. Some Googling later, I was lured into the seductive confines of a local Radio Shack (it being very close), and had an instructive chat with the nice lady about hardware. Given that she had some of the desired part, I went on down -- well, got lost due to the bad address on the website, then went on down -- oh, and I'd forgotten my phone at home so I couldn't call -- and checked out their fans.

The inexpensive fans were sleeve bearing and also somewhat high-priced, and light-up. I was dubious, but he was in need. I came back (with the only two they had in stock) and tried them on -- but the unnerving whining noise when I hit the power switch unnerved me, so it was off to the land of Fry's Electronics, JD in tow (with blueberries and strawberries and a traffic jam and scurrilous gossip).

(I had lunch with JD and Temeraire, and I must say that I giggled quite immensely over the mental image of some of the, er, Naismithery.)

JD helped me find the 80mm double ball bearing fans, and we looked regretfully at the four-packs of much cheaper sleeve bearing fans. Then I went to ogle the flashlight aisle while JD looked at the games on display. We escaped the store quickly and without 6-D bonky flashlight or unwanted offers for credit cards. The drive back was peaceful due to taking 280 and not 101.

Uninstalling the blinky fans and the two remaining old fans was a breeze. I am getting very good at this. Both of the old fans had visible fractures, although they had not separated yet. Yikes. The new fans went on smoothly, and I got the case back together and all on.

He reached the login screen even before I had the monitor properly switched on. (This is good.) And I've been enjoying the happiness of having a computer with a proper-sized screen, and how he doesn't just arbitrarily decide to stop listening to his inputs. I also have two RAM slots free, so he's got room to expand there.

Tonight I made pasta salad. Yay pasta salad. Blueberries, while tasty, are not actually supper.

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