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Checklist for this morning

Last night I knew that I would be rather incredibly scattered this morning. I therefore wrote up a list of the things I would need before heading out the door for the interview.

clothes (on me: dressed professionally)
map (on my satnav)
map on paper (in case of satnav fail)
cv on stick (thumb drive: setting up my printer would be another hullaballoo)
references on stick (ditto)
printout of all jobs (this was already in my folder, and up to date except for the new LJ address)
hair (brushed and braided)
face (lipstick and other relevant makeup)
folder (the nice sober black folder in which I keep all the papers)
pen (because you need it to fill out stuff)
paper thing (I have a little half-size folder with a notepad)
read up on them? (so I know what I'm getting into)
printouts (fun for the whole family -- breaking the task down into its component pieces)
find printy place (see above about printer setup)
ipod (because a long drive is sometimes not good with the radio)
phone (I have previously forgotten my phone when Heading Out)
headset (long drive without phone and headset is asking for trouble)
their number (in case of lost)
find printout place (I was getting tired, so this is on the list twice)

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