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Humidity makes my life better.

So just as evening was setting in, JD pokes me on IRC. This is about how things went:

Teshypants: "LET'S GET A DESK!! :D :D :D"
JD: *poke Azz*
Azz: "Like, now?"
JD: "DESK!!"
Azz: "Uh, car. Desk."
JD: "Seats fold down, right?"
Azz: "Three people. Car."
JD: "You know, with the trunk and all."
Azz: "Right, but where's the third person going to sit?"
Teshypants: "ZIPCAR HO!!!"
JD & Azz: "Right; we'll be seeing each other soon, then."

A certain amount of time passes, enough to warrant a slightly concerned call. But not to worry: they were on their way, trains and traffic being what they were.

JD & Teshypants: *kidnap Azz*
JD: *drives zipcar*
Zipcar: *is a lot of car*
JD: "Woah! Sorry guys!"
Teshypants & Azz: *snerk*
Fog: *is foggy*
Azz: *navigates JD to 280*
Everyone: *talks shop*

Since 101 is ass at certain times of night, JD's plot was to take 280 to about the right place, then go in a general northerly direction until intersecting with 101 and therefore approaching IKEA happened. This was endorsed by all to be a very good plan.

JD: "Which way do I turn?"
Teshypants & Azz: "Thattaway!"
JD: "Woops, wrong way guys."
Teshypants & Azz: "Sorry!"
Zipcar: *zips*
JD: "Sorry, guys!"

Surface streets are lovely this time of year. There is just the right amount of moisture in the air, at just the right temperature.

JD: "OK, I may need directions."
Teshypants: *breaks out Google directions on phone*
Azz: *breaks out satnav*
Teshypants: "You're going to want to go left on Donohoe."
Azz: *waves hand around car*
JD: "No signal?"
Azz: *shoves satnav near windshield*
Satnav: *fails to get signal*
Azz: *rolls down window, sticks arm out*
JD & Teshypants: *giggle*

Finally, signal was got.

Azz & satnav: "Right up ahead."
Teshypants: "Oh, we're coming from the *other* direction. So right on Donohoe, then."
JD: *glares*

We reached IKEA with no incident.

Teshypants: "This is actually the first time I've been to an IKEA."

Desks were examined for their general desklike fitness. This took a bit of time. Eventually a desk was picked out. There was slight disappointment when the restaurant was closed, but really we probably could not have made it earlier. There was amusement in the kitchenwares section, involving amusingly shaped cake tins and colanders.

The speakers in the self-service warehouse section were not synchronized with the speakers in the checkout area, so there was about a second of lag in the music coming from the two speaker systems. This was good for some amusement. I picked up only a few things, and had a significant amount in coupons. Yay!

Teshypants drove on the way back.

Teshypants: *pulls out of the parking space, as you do*
Zipcar: *zips*
Teshypants: "I ... see what you mean!" *eases up on pedals*

Back we headed, and grabbed dinner. I related the tale of my first time behind the wheel of a car to Teshypants. JD introduced me to the questionable wonders of the interior of a Krispy Kreme store. I imitated the satnav on the trip back to Pacifica. I'm getting better at that. Right turn ahead. Stay left, then take the motorway.

Everything was still all damp-in-the-air and cool. Life is good.

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