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Moving Patti

Note: some moments are not EV-safe.

So JD pokes me to say, hey, can you give us a ride to go help [info - personal] patti move. I allow as how perhaps I would not be of much use shifting boxes, but they would be, and I seem to be the one who's got a car. So I gear myself up. I am held up by finally being able to take the long-delayed shower (delayed on account of getting the stitches wet/not doing so for a bit). I dress appropriate for shuffling boxes and getting stepped on (sneakers, heavy socks, the skirt with the holes, shorts, the 3/4 sleeve sweater that ran afoul of the scissors on one of the 3/4 sleeves), then I zoom off and pick them up at the Daly City BART, and we are on our merry way to San Jose, guided by Riddle the faithful TomTom.

There were relatively few bad turns, and we made good time. I snagged a choice parking spot on the crowded street (and Teshypants waved me into perfect compliance with the red zone), then we set out on foot for the specified address.

The apartments weren't visibly numbered, and anyway we didn't know what number it was, so we stood there looking around for signs of life and/or large numbers of boxes until we heard the dulcet tones of a woman's voice uplifted in merry conversation. "VAGINA!" Iseebi said, at some very audible volume.

That settled the question. We knocked and came in. All the boxes had been offloaded, and many things had been moved in and around, and they had given up things for the time being; the truck had already been returned. There was a game of Apples to Apples on. There were introductions and greetings all around: big tall straight Ryan, the new roommate Andrew(?), Patti herself and her dog, Iseebi, jproulx, Stacey, JD, Teshypants (average gay Ryan), and me. (Tall skinny gay Ryan was not present.) Chairs were rustled up. The current game of Apples to Apples was abandoned. Drinks were poured. A new game started, and general hilarity ensued. At one point I was dealt theCommon Loon, and I played it for Normal, although it did not win. Iseebi's vagina featured in the commentary, as did fisting.

Andrew(?), the new roommate, is a guildmate of Patti's. I showed up bearing chocolate and chocolate covered espresso beans and emergency toilet paper, in case it was a completely uninhabited wasteland with a bunch of boxes, but my worst-case-scenario planning was happily unnecessary, as this was merely a transplant into a set-up living scenario.

I wound up inquiring of Patti where she was planning to put the two media towers, and this quickly evolved into some unpacking, sorting, and putting away. The desk was already in the closet; Jesse had already obligingly unhooked the doors from that half. The towers went into the little nook formed between the closet, its desk, the wall, and the TV stand; they fit very well indeed. There were a number of books (few by my standards, many by the standards of the general population) that went into a four-cupboard wardrobe. Patti made most of the decisions; I asked questions about things, made suggestions, and pointed to specific things and asked about them. The whole moving process is big and aaagh enough that it overwhelms the brain and it can't focus. Being a detached outsider, I could point to a thing and ask where it went, and the focus being re-framed on the single thing resulted in decisions. In fits and starts, in a few sessions in between video games and gossip and drinking, the room started to resemble habitable, and the bed was cleared.

There was gaming, and gossip, and drinking, and more gossip, and more drinking, and pizza, and figuring out how to get all nine of us plus the dog in the kitchen for food, and jproulx with the nerf dart gun, and then someone broke out the supersoaker and there was indoor water gun vs nerf gun fighting, there was a spilled beer, there was a lot of hilarity, there were quieter discussions of life, pets, emotions, travel, and beer, and all was good. The drink of the night was Dr. Pepper and tequila; I measured out my tequila in capfuls; three was plenty for the first drink; two sufficed for the second; I think someone else picked up the second drink, as I had been sipping it, put it down somewhere, then realized that it was no longer there when I came back. Such is the way of life and a friendly party! I snapped some pictures.

Stacey had come out with Iseebi and jproulx, but came back with us. On our way back, we stopped in at a 7-11, and there was much general cheer. JD suggested I turn Riddle off once we got on 280, and I did. We got him back on once we hit closer to San Francisco, and got Stacey dropped off. Then we took a scenic route back to JD and Ryan's, then I came home.

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