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Dreams: the stalker and the demon

Dreamed Monday that there was a crazy on the internet that had connected my California-based online presence with my legal name (I had more of an online presence with my legal name in the dream) and my Arizona-based face to face presence with my online name by matching up a userpic or piece of flair I had with some witty saying or other, with a bumper sticker on my car. (I don't have any such stickers on my car.)

He was really crazy. It was really scary.

Dreamed today that I was part of an organization that did stuff regarding the demons and such in and around San Francisco. (Some of the computer screens we used to do our job were reminiscent of Bejeweled in some way.) There was a vampire who told me in a dream (within the dream) that he was coming for a little inoffensive clerk who was not particularly well-guarded, and there was nothing I could do about it. I was a slightly-better-guarded higher-level clerk. The dream thing seemed sort of like instant messenger. The dream terrified me, and I tried to get to the other clerk to warn her and get her out of danger, but I was having trouble getting there, in the running-but-going-nowhere way, and he was coming and it was very dangerous and even though I got the 40th book off the shelf in the library (the bottom shelf; the cover was red and velvety) it was still not enough, and he either actually abducted her right out of my arms or he came very close. It was perhaps scarier than it sounds. He had a lot of very sharp teeth (think Jagermonster except less jovial) and was secure and gloating in his power over me.

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