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Sunday afternoons with the pair who ought to lay off the crack: wedding music?!

Lest anyone get too excited, there have been no unprecedented changes in outlook, and no-one has any wedding planned soon. But I mentioned Ursie's wedding in the recent-events roster, and this soon devolved into a hearty discussion of music. (He, who until recently had disavowed any knowledge of or enthusiasm for music.)

As proof that the both of us have perhaps spent too much time on the internet, his first inquiry was if I'd Rickrolled the happy couple. I reassured him that I had indeed made the attempt, and this branched into a cheerful discussion of music that ought to be played at a wedding.

I started taking notes, advising him in response to his sudden alarm and caution that who knew, perhaps five or ten years down the road, I'd have occasion to use the notes, and it rather behooved me to do something, eh?

An incomplete listing of songs that I might use to entertain and/or terrorize my best friend on the potential future occasion of his marriage to person or persons yet to be discovered:

Samantha Fox, Naughty Girls Need Love Too
Rick Astley, Never Gonna Give You Up
Alice Cooper, Poison
Billy Idol, White Wedding
Elvira, anything
Alice Cooper, Billion Dollar Babies (if pregnant)
Samantha Fox, Hurt Me, Hurt Me (but the pants stay on) ... heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Dust Rhinos, Jedi Drinking Test (for a toast)
Voltaire, Future Ex-Girlfriend
Oysterband, Blood Wedding
Voltaire, Cantina (he hates this song, considers it sick and twisted, and now that I've listened to it... uh, yeah.)
Star Wars, Duel of the Fates
My Heart Will Go On
anything by Aqua
JoCo, Skullcrusher Mountain
Madonna, Like A Prayer
Voltaire, Zombie Prostitute

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