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12 tweets for 2009-10-19

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Monday, 0203: Self, it would be a Bad Plan and a drama-h0r act to subscribe to That User's Userpic Uploads, because god*damn*, your *eyes*. cc: JD bcc:...
  • Monday, 0206: RT @fairlight777 this shouldn't happen to anyone #NOH8
  • Monday, 0631: Can't sleep. emailed Dad. failed saving roll. Sinuses not happy.
  • Monday, 0646: <^>suggestions maintainer complaint: bad title: "feature request"; good title, snappy summary of requested feature
  • Monday, 1146: My sleep schedule hates me, and likewise
  • Monday, 1538: Pain comparisons, OH GOD WHY DO YOU KNOW THIS: grating thumb + lemon juice > icy-hot on testicles. ( > icy hot on (head|tail), also)
  • Monday, 1625: It's sad when it takes bug testing for me to make a journal entry about what's been on my mind.
  • Monday, 1719: @solcita Awesome. Rum & gummi Coke ftw.
  • Monday, 1839: The BART gods smile upon me: a train leaving with me on it just after I ascend to the platform. I give thanks.
  • Monday, 1844: Clearing the queue feels good. I like making suggestions too. Miraculously, I can still breathe despite everything today.
  • Monday, 1847: Some geeks on BART just now hearing about the Thinkgeek tauntaun sleeping bag becoming reality. News travels so slowly sometimes.
  • Monday, 1955: People and hilarity and talk of the crazy rain.

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