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I like bacon.

I also like playing Mercy.

The potential thing that I heard back from has enough people, and I am kicking myself for not diving out of the bar and getting into the quiet when they called.

Been working on Yet Another Meta Draft, this one with a much smaller potential audience.

My sleep schedule is actually kind of backwards and turned around.

Thursday night had a lot of So Notorious, which was very pink and ridiculous, and actually kind of a good thing because I showed up there feeling as if I were on the verge of tears. (Leftover anxiety from the displacement of the beloved grandboss of Support, and concern about the future, as there always is during a shakeup, I think.)

There is a Lily Allen song that has been marching through my head for hours upon hours.

Suggestions queue is clear, but I can't do the thing with the thing now, which is causing no end of frustration.

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