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Azz's Writing Projects, a guide/update

Being a rough guide to my major writing projects and the characters found in same, because people get very confused when I start chattering about Mike not shutting up and Harriet and Lovie and all the rest, especially given that I don't share much of my fiction in public.

Title: Much Ado About Star Trek / Ectogenesis
Type: Epic Novel.
The epic 10-year novel, started in 1994, originally to record the hysterical events of my romantic misadventures, expanded to include an ill-advised Voyager AU crossover, and eventually retrofitted to attempt to include further misadventures and the Ectogenesis plotline. 15 years after the novel's inception, almost all the ill-considered telepathy can be replaced with text messaging.

Rose: Female, teenaged, and a thinly-disguised self-insert. Viewpoint character.
Scotty: Male, teenaged, geeky. A potential romantic lead. People who knew me freshman year will know who he was based on.
Dave: Male, teenaged, geeky. A potential romantic lead. Based on Joshie. Hi, Joshie.
Regan: Female, teenaged, et cetera. A potential romantic lead. Based on Emily. Hi, Emily.
Zach: Male, teenaged, arrogant, somewhat less geeky but still enough to qualify as yet another potential romantic lead. Also crazy and with Serious Backstory. Based on Shawn, so help us all.
An entire supporting cast composed of friends/enemies/acquaintances, with varying amounts of disguise.

Shows strong influences from Cyteen, the collected works of Mercedes Lackey, Voyager, the Sith Academy, every teen romance novel ever, Drakon, with a sprinkling of Dan Simmons and Lois McMaster Bujold for ambience.

Unfinished, ditched. There is enough material in this for at least five novels if I ever came back to it. I don't know if I will; there are many others calling my name first.

Title: The Necromancer's Prayer
Type: Novel (NaNo)
Alia has inherited the family gift of necromancy, meaning that she can communicate with dead souls, and must discharge her obligation to convey them to the afterlife if they haven't found their way on their own. Too bad the only person who can teach her how to do it without going mad has just died. Too bad she also has a murder mystery to solve.

Alia: Female, college freshman, very confused, and also starting to go mad from side effects of necromancy without proper controls.
Drew: Alia's roommate. Destined for renaming, as it turns out she got named Drew because she's played by a young Drew Barrymore.
Randy: Male, Alia's cousin, a useful ally in the insanity. "Related by marriage! I share none of your manic genes! None, I tell you!" Probably also destined for renaming, though I wrote this before meeting my actual cousin Randall again.
Chuck: Male, and many of the bad stereotypes of geekboy crossed with fratboy.
Supporting cast: a cameo by kellinator in the library, and a handful of original characters and/or cardboards.

Absolutely that moment from the Tale of the Five when they meet Segnbora's parents, some Lackey, a lot of my first year at college with some of the first year from the second try, and a hint of Dune for flavour, as well as the creepy feeling from a few childhood brushes with the presumed-supernatural, and that one moment at that one party with the strobe lights and the techno and looking out through the huge window into the cold night at the lights of the city below, and so many nights standing outside the dorm waving incense and chatting with the smokers. A bit preachy at the moment.

First draft's done, second draft's in progress; second draft halted in '05 for reasons of computer ded. (Hard drive failure while I was starting the second draft.)

Title: Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor
Type: Novel (NaNo)
Beatrice is having a Bad Day. She meets Ben, who is having a worse day. After an experience like that, they had to be friends. Ben has the worst luck in the world, and wacky hijinks ensue, of the sort that ought to be cut from her family's home movie archives.

Beatrice: Teenage, female, spunky, and getting less easily embarrassed as the summer progresses.
Ben: Teenage, male, brash, and followed by the worst luck on the continent; this effect is enhanced by his winning personality. (People who know That Idiot Shawn will *laugh*.)
Sarah: Teenage, female, best friends with Beatrice, and a bit in love with Ben.
Sally: Teenage, female, Beatrice's younger sister, and a pain in the ass.
Harry: Teenage, male, crazy (no, actually Clinically Not Well), and wildly unpopular. Dating Sally (eventually).
Harriet: Teenage, female, pretty, popular, dating Sally. Much less Not Well than Harry. (She passes pretty well, and isn't quite sure if being a girl is a lifetime thing yet, but she's so much *happier*.)
A supporting cast including people from camp, family members, crazed family members, the firefighters, a moving crew, teachers, and OH GOD HELP US ALL.

If you can't see the Kormanesque comedy from a mile away, you need to hit up your local library and/or bookstore. Elements of Laurel, Hardy, Abbott, Costello, and all three Stooges, with oh-god-help-us-all themes inherited from true life in the presence of Shawn. Deals with romance, sexuality, slapstick comedy, family, embarrassment, and a certain number of transgender issues treated lightheartedly. (Ectogenesis was one of the dark sides of the Shawn Personality Suite. This is the light side.)

First draft mostly finished, with some second-draft silliness being added in. On hiatus until Circle of Fire is finished.

The (unfinished) short story "Promkings" (Harriet-centric, post-novel)
The (first draft finished) short story "Cheesecake" (Ben & Beatrice-centric, post-novel)

Title: Circle of Fire
Type: Novel (NaNo)
College can be stressful. Learning magic can be stressful. Boys can be stressful. Foiling a plot from an evil magician bent on world domination (or at least getting laid) can be stressful.

Connie: Early twenties, female, getting better about the whole nervous wreck thing, a trainee magician, not a fan of love spells.
Mike: Early twenties, male, sarcastic bastard, geekboy, a trainee magician, not a fan of love spells, collegemate of Connie.
Raven: Female, mid to late twenties, mage, sarcastic bitch (in the good way), partner of Amber, other mother of Morgan, roommate of Connie, collegemate of Connie.
Amber: Female, mid to late twenties, mage, partner of Raven, mother of Morgan, roommate of Connie.
Bozo: Late teens to early twenties, gamer guru with his own company, socially repellent asshole, collegemate of Connie, college classmate of Mike. A fan of love spells.
Susan: old enough to start with the grandchildren, female, mage, a Senior in the greater Phoenix occult scene, a co-founder of the Neutral Denny's
A supporting cast including people from the college, people from the greater Phoenix occult scene, the entirety of the Neutral Denny's, and a few random demons and a server farm. Plus Artoo.

If you were there for my first year of the second attempt at college, you will find this strangely familiar. Urban geek fantasy with a touch of supernatural romance. I declared I would write this to get it out of my head so I could write the serious stuff, but it took on a life of its own. Many thanks to the Phoenix writer's group.

First draft finished; second draft being gone through at a snail's pace.

Cracked Phoenix

Title: The Demon Mirror
Type: Novel (NaNo)
Summary: A schoolteacher's latent psychic powers are activated after she takes a brick of construction paper to the head. A demon finds himself strangely reluctant to go along with Hell's latest scheme. Together, they fight crime! ...or, well, zombies.

Mary: female, human, second grade teacher, psychic, has a bit of a drinking problem, is not about to let Hell take over Earth.
Nick: male, demon, buys souls, is opposed to Hell's current plan with the taking over and all.
Alex: male, human, in the Phoenix Occult Scene, helpful
Bozo: not really in good shape
Susan: female, human, a Senior in the Phoenix occult scene
The Neutral Denny's & Occupants: large parts of the Phoenix occult scene
Connie and Mike: strangely absent for most of the book (they are busy) (Mike keeps telling me what they are up to, but I am really not so sure I want to know)
An angel: g-d help us all
a whole gaming convention

Themes/Influences: It started with Mary, who was inspired by Andrea, believe it or not. Influences from Spider Robinson, the Young Wizards books, and LJ/DW user Synecdochic. Good, evil, the nature of demons and angels, my best friend's over-the-shoulder snarking, and Michael Jackson music videos (gods help us all).

Status: First draft finished, second draft on hiatus until Circle of Fire is nearer final draft.
Series: Cracked Phoenix
Spinoffs: Nick has told me that he lunches with Kevin Balim (the one in Syne's Broken Wings series) on a monthly basis, and occasionally Nick shows up in an AU IRC channel and hilarity ensues, such as "The Magic Hamster Has Run Out of Magic".

Title: Welcome to the Workplace (Mark II)
Type: Novel (NaNo)
Summary: Lovie is a tough, smart, real flaming bitch queen of an office/project manager, whose ex has dragged her into a company with a lot of secrets. Microchips and dragons, oh my.

Starring: Lovie: Female, tall, short hair, raving bitch, flaming dyke (she's in a bad mood today and insisted on that description), actually kind of crazy, always thinks she's right, and I'm not quite sure whether she qualifies as an unreliable narrator or not, quite. She thinks she's totally rational. We know she's nuts. Lovie is short for Lovelace, which is her username. She doesn't go by her legal name.
Jennie: Lovie's ex-girlfriend, a developer.
Bosslady: Jennie and Lovie's boss. A little more than just a boss to Jennie.

Themes/Influences: Some look and feel of Dragonhaven. The lolCarrie with the Shiraz. My administrative assistant experience. My LJ Support/Suggestions experience. My time spent hanging out with geeks. The nagging feeling that there was something important about the business I drove past every day on my way to work. (Mark I was an ill-considered workplace romp that turned out to be not funny like I wanted it to be.)
Status: Partially through first draft; on hiatus.
Series: Cracked Phoenix outtake/spinoff.
Spinoffs: "Dogfire" turns out to be a Lovie story. "Browser Takes a Walk" also is.

Title: Darkside Knightmares
Type: Anime Series (outline)
Summary: In a high-tech future Tokyo, lives brush and entangle unexpectedly. Private eye Damon "Dark" Knight alternately clashes and harmonizes with independent blogger Miranda Azar as they strive to uncover the truth in their own sometimes conflicting ways. Plot arcs cross and cross again as they wrestle with corruption, large corporations, the supernatural, and their own conflicting emotions.

Dark: Male, not quite beautiful enough to be bishounen, wears a lot of black. Has psychic powers of his own. Cynical outlook. Has friends in low places.
Miranda: Female, strong-featured, immensely long navy blue hair that blows around in the wind a lot, stubborn as all fuck. Well-connected as well.
"January" Virta: Blond, pale, seems ever so sweet (but has a heart of evil). Corrupt. Dead. Borrowed from Synecdochic, who said I didn't have to be careful with him.
The Time-Traveler: She actually might be from XKCD. I DON'T KNOW I JUST WRITE THESE.

Themes/Influences: Anime detective noir, including Witch Hunter Robin, Devil May Cry, and a lot of dancing on rooftops over Tokyo while the wind ripples someone's long blue hair without tangling it. Soundtrack by Two-Mix and Bond. This was started as a meme response
Status: On hiatus, sort of.

Working Title: Handmaiden of Venus
Type: Novel (NaNo) In Progress
Summary: Wacky Hijinks Ensue when Susan decides she's done with love and Star runs afoul of a feral cult of Venus. G-d only knows what the demon and angel are up to, because I certainly don't.

Susan: A handmaiden of Venus, recalcitrant.
Star, Susan's Youngest Daughter: A teenage witch.
Connie: A not so teenage witch.

Series: Cracked Phoenix
Themes/Influences: Dunno yet.
Status: I have some outlining; haven't dashed in just quite yet. It's still ass-o'clock in the morning on the first day.

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