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A Day

Went to sleep around 7 last night, woke up just before 4. Lots of sleep, at inhuman hours.

E-mailed my aunt to let her know that if we were going for walkies, we should do it early on account of afternoon being accounted for.

Did some suggestions work this morning, working on that "planned" tag. Chugga chugga chugga. Also did some heavier anti-spam work.

Went on the heralded walk. Aunt-Fayoumis does not want to do chicken camp. My aunt was a little taken aback that I am actually a theist. Three times through "Mamma Mia" is probably too many in a straight row. (Poor baby.) We went around the loop; Dazzle went off for the beach and I waited while my aunt went along to get him back. "Dogs in Elk" is an important cultural work. Went back. It had heated up so it was too hot to wear the wool hat.

Went on a grocery run as things were getting dire. The pork shoulder roasts were $0.99/lb, so there's one in the freezer and one awaiting something to be done with it tomorrow. Ramen was on sale too.

Now let me tell you about the SFO-fail.

Wrote down Tif's flight info on one of the last pages in my little pocket notebook, stuck it in my pocket, and headed out to pick up JD. Spotted a passing airship. Picked up JD. Dove in my jacket pocket in search of the notebook. No notebook to be found. Cursed. Drove to the airport (SFO). Located the cellphone lot. Located a jackass in an SUV who pulls in to turn around right behind the cranky bitch who's pulled in to turn around herself. Located the lack of large screens giving flight information to the cellphone lot. Located the sign giving information on the website to visit with your cellphone to find flight info. Located the information booth. Located JD's cellphone. (JD) Navigated to the page. Discovered how absolutely shittly the page rendered on his cellphone. Attempted to find and load the arrivals page (lol, no). Headed to the information booth. Discovered that the information booth had info on Friday's flights and a few v. early Saturday morning (today is fucking Sunday). (Azz) Half remembered the vital info for the flight (I had the time and 3 out of 4 digits, and knew I didn't know the 4th). (JD) Got flight info from airline's page. Waited. Headed back over. Dropped off JD, circled airport. Picked up JD, Tif, and baggage.

Headed to Tif's. Got luggage upstairs (illustrated my actual strength by lifting and carrying v. large pink rolling suitcase duffel). Parked properly in the space left by an ANGEL fellow parking person. Called best friend, stole four minutes of "uh, hi, hope you're not dead" (and his mom is visiting and I say for him to tell her that he's watched enough Mamma Mia for thirty years.) Went back upstairs. Chattered. Looked at many pretty little virtual paper dolls. Talked shop. Over dinner.

(At this point JD's phone rang and he fielded his little sister, then his mom, then a bit of chatting with his dad. The conversation turend interesting.) Assorted texts with MissKat here and there.

More chatter and shop talk followed. I then betook us both home. Yay, home. (I've jumped four places in the LJ Support high scores this week.)

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