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17 tweets for 2009-11-8

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Sunday, 0601: Just earwormed myself by using my XKCD Sierpinski hearts userpic. THE SIERPINSKI GASKET MAKES ME WANNA CRY *rocks out*
  • Sunday, 0603: @FranziskaKurtz Are they counting hyphenated words as two?
  • Sunday, 0605: @malerin If you start horking every night, dial that shit down; Dad went through that and it terrified the whole family.
  • Sunday, 0615: I've started writing "g-d" again, which is appx. equal parts respect for those around me and my own reluctance to name that which can't be.
  • Sunday, 1158: Walkies time! Poodle opted for the beach; I am waiting on the bench for my aunt to retrieve him.
  • Sunday, 1338: @amberfoxfire You got it.
  • Sunday, 1342: @amberfoxfire 'in reply to' generates just @; to break that, people add something on the front. 'in reply to' is semi-obscured in timeline.
  • Sunday, 1343: @amberfoxfire When it's in reply to, people watching you who don't also watch the other person won't see it in their stream (less noise).
  • Sunday, 1546: SFO cellphone lot #fail: no display, information booth has yesterday's flights, website on signs neither mobile friendly nor flight page.
  • Sunday, 1924: Yay dinner! All sorts of shop talk with @gameboyguy13 and @tiferet93.
  • Sunday, 1937: JD is on the phone with his mom. We are attempting to keep score. She was not letting him get a word edgewise for a bit.
  • Sunday, 2212: There is cat-yowling outside. I think Jinx the kitty is getting laid or something.
  • Sunday, 2214: @niqaeli He drives a Volvo in (book) canon, so very unsurprised there.
  • Sunday, 2214: @kestrelct oo!
  • Sunday, 2216: @dckevin89 @coffeechica Now earwormed yet again with IT [war] IS A SCIENCE [MEN].
  • Sunday, 2219: @quillismightier oh god what's it doing?
  • Sunday, 2304: @niqaeli Unless you can stomach a v. teenage 1st person narrator stay away.

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