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IRC adventures from Monday's DW code tour

IRC: "ride the metal mammoth", and the Dill Mistake

03:07:13 <Bugsy>: changed the Status on bug 48 from ASSIGNED to RESOLVED FIXED.
03:07:14 <Bugsy>: Bug minor, P4, -undecided-, afunamatata, RESOLVED FIXED, Respect lj-cut in the Inbox, as a user-defined parameter
03:07:37 <Azz|Eee>: zomg
03:09:06 <Bugsy>: changed the Status on bug 378 from ASSIGNED to RESOLVED FIXED.
03:09:07 <Bugsy>: Bug minor, P4, L - Launch, afunamatata, RESOLVED FIXED, Dynamic inbox count in menu
03:12:09 <Bugsy>: changed the Status on bug 157 from ASSIGNED to RESOLVED FIXED.
03:12:10 <Bugsy>: Bug minor, P5, L - Launch, afunamatata, RESOLVED FIXED, XML-RPC doesn't work correctly in LJ - please fix it in Dreamwidth!
03:12:15 <ChemicalLace>: hehe
03:15:32 <Azz|Eee>: hahaha
03:15:53 <Azz|Eee>: you know, the more bus you resolve, the longer the code tour is going to take.
03:15:55 <Azz|Eee>: ;)
03:16:03 * xb95 likes to resolve bus.
03:16:15 <Azz|Eee>: oh god hahaha
03:23:40 <MissKat>: As long as you're not getting hit by it, I think we're all happy.
03:26:05 <xb95>: I've no plans to ride the metal mammoth to an early grave
03:26:21 <MissKat>: "ride" the "metal mammoth"
03:27:18 <Azz|Eee>: (is this anything like the mechanical bull?)
03:27:51 <MissKat>: (my brain is NSFW right now... *PMs azz with links*)
03:28:22 <JD>: ride the metal mammoth? wow, what a euphemism
03:28:33 <JD>: but i thought metal toys weren't as common as silicone or plastic.
03:29:15 * Azz|Eee makes an elliptical remark about temperature
03:29:16 <MissKat>: Metal and glass are less common, but they show up occasionally.
03:29:35 <JD>: yeah, i see glass ones every so often, but i don't think i've run across a metal one

04:19:43 <Azz|Eee>: unproductive mistaken identities that one can make in the kitchen with one's glasses off:
04:19:56 <Azz|Eee>: wander into kitchen without glasses, splash water on face.
04:20:14 <Azz|Eee>: look for towel that is usually hanging from cabinet knob to dry face
04:20:22 <Azz|Eee>: realize towel is greener than usual
04:20:35 <Azz|Eee>: realize that it is not a towel, but that bundle of drying dill you bought
04:20:42 <rb>: azz: ROFL
04:20:48 <rb>: azz: Probably not greatly absorbent
04:20:53 <Azz|Eee>: at least I realized this before attempting to dry my face on it
04:20:53 <Durandal>: ROFL
04:21:08 <rahaeli>: at least yu'd smell good!
04:21:41 <Azz|Eee>: I would indeed!
04:21:59 <Azz|Eee>: BPAL: tomato sandwich
04:22:25 <Durandal>: thats..... disturbing

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