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Reports about spam are more fun than the spam itself.

Monday, I did the code tour for Dreamwidth's weekly thing. It was quite a bit of work but worth it, and I had a good amount of fun; you'll note that while I put a serious amount of work into it, I was not particularly serious myself (in fact, I do hope I made it fairly funny, because that's what I was trying for.)

In the process, I learned that bradfitz has a very evil laugh. (It's a sound file used for voicepost testing.)

Tuesday, I watched Grosse Pointe Blank with my aunt. Fascinating movie, and it tried to engage with the part of my brain that does meta. I have discovered a liking for the leading man, it seems. (The character is unnerving, but part of me says I'd like to meet someone less insane.)

Looked at my aunt's wedding album with her. Gossiped.

Wednesday involved writing (mostly nonfiction) and gossip with MissKat.

Thursday (from which I have not yet gone to bed) involved the farmers' market, some documentation pounding, a not particularly controversial news post with some nice new stuff, a walk with my aunt and the dogs in wind that was starting to sandblast, a chat with my father (and I think I probably should have gone to stay with him while Mama is gone after all; too late for that though), a quick grocery run, and some more writing.

Keep your LJ-bug-watching eyes peeled to see if there's any weirdness on the Manage Friends page, particularly when interacting with the notes.

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