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In which lemonade is hard.

The Twitter reports for Sunday the 22nd show that there were things going on in my head, but not much that can be tidily summarized. [info - community] beginningcocks has lessons for us all. And after I got off the phone with MissKat, my brain started shouting "MIKE'S HARD LEMONADE, HARD HARD LEMONADE" at me. Context is for the weak.

This was a major feature of Monday the 23rd too, along with a notable internet outage, compounded by Weird Page-Breaking Shit on my friends page, which resulted in the page whitescreening at ?skip=60 and ?skip=260 if you were me. I was supposed to go hang out with both aunts (Aunt-Fayoumis had driven in) but I lost track of time. Then there was Dinner with Emma, and All Was Good. There was booze. There was good company. I got introduced to True Blood, which is fascinating. I could develop a fannishness.

I still have pronounced ideas about what, actually, I would like for a Dream Wedding. It's a pity the Best Friend and I aren't actually compatible, as we have similar concepts in awesome for weddings. I'm not exactly sure who it was who was going to point out that perhaps some otherwise-excellent people might think the concept of the Imperial March as processional would be awesome, but who would have People who would think it was Not Awesome, but then they realized that day-to-day life with me would not exactly be free of such things, and therefore if they could be scared off by my wedding plans, they'd likely be scared off by me. It may have been [info - personal] fairlight via Twitter, it may not have been.

Tuesday the 24th ensued, with a walk with JD and both aunts. We talked Thanksgiving plans. Aunt-Fayoumis will be retiring around the end of the year, and they won't be replacing her for budgetary reasons. She runs a supply room at a college. We were sad for the budget. We wound up walking down pretty far, and by the time we realized that oh, it was getting late and the park would be closing soon, it was sunset, with the sun actively setting. Most of us, except for Guide Dog Aunt, saw the green flash! It is ... really not all that green. Just so you know. From the way people talk about it, I was expecting some hugely dramatic instantaneous corona around the sinking sun, flashing green through the air, and only people who are not blinking in that instant will see it. Nope. Instead, you have to be looking right at the bright part of the sinking sun, and just in the few seconds while it is but a silver of light sinking into the horizon, the bright white (this bright light white) part at the center turns green, with darker green edges instead of orange, like someone took your sunset and manipulated the sun in Photoshop. It's still gloriously striking, and lovely, but it's not what I was expecting.

We then went back for dinner and movies. We watched Yes Man and Death at a Funeral. My aunt would like to try DDR sometime. My cousins were not too appreciative of this ambition the last time that they and she were in the vicinity of a DDR machine. JD expressed his total willingness to do DDR with my aunt, as he is unrelated to her and therefore immune from OMG MY MOM IS DOING DDR embarrassment. I liked Death at a Funeral better, even though there is embarrassment squick and immense OH NO THEY DIDN'T, which is more the nature of the setup with the People Behaving Badly than it is necessarily *Fail on the part of the writers. Though I was peering closely at their list of Acceptable Targets.

MissKat pointed me at "Amazing Horse" some time ago, and it has taken on the same sort of importance in our discourse that "I'm On A Boat" once had, and "Spanky! Spanky!" had with certain elements of Support. This means that we shout out-of-context lines at each other (over the phone, in text, on Twitter, in DW and LJ, in IRC) and find it hilarious. We have expanded the hilarity to include (for reasons that made sense at the time and probably make more sense if you consider the cast of Circle of Fire) Mike's Hard Lemonade. (No, fingers, this is not "Mike's Hard Demonade.)

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