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I'm bad about this 'journal' thing these days.

Friday the 27th featured a lot of testing and not much Twitter content; that was because I was all up in Support/Suggestions/Docs sorts of stuff.

Saturday the 28th was mostly taken with feeling miserable. This led to sleeping most of the day.

Sunday the 29th I spent a good deal of time summing up my life so far. My clock started doing weird things.

By Monday the 30th I had got on a fanfiction kick. Then note_to_cat hit the spotlight, and someone pointed out the flood. I got into bailing mode. My poor cousin discovered that someone had defaced his car. :( I called my parents.

And so we enter December.

December 01, Tuesday: I did not win NaNo this year. Not even close. Comm volume stayed high. I have yet to fully articulate my thoughts about Twilight (mostly, I don't like it, though I like the characterization a lot) and the last group of people I should talk to about it without fully articulated thoughts are thoughtful people who I like and respect who also like it, particularly given that I neither like nor respect the phenomenon it's become. Then I started hallucinating my phone's ringtone.

Wednesday, I wound up with a job interview. Unfortunately, the job interview I showed up for was ... not the job they were hiring for. When someone advertises in Craigslist for customer service jobs, in the customer service section, one specifies the job environment if one is not in a sort of indoor type location. It was in fact an outdoor type of job. (They later emailed back saying lolno, which was what the interviewer and I agreed upon.)

And that brings us up to the thing where I found myself heading merrily off with my aunt.

Next up, more sleep for me, and more about chicken camp.

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