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Whitaker's Mom (the backstory)

00:11 rb appears to has no context. Who's Whittaker?
00:11 Kat|english Former LJ employee from the pre-6a days. His mom is famous.
00:11 Azz|Eee Whitaker is an old LJ employee, who appears in many jokes.
00:11 Kat|english Well "famous"
00:11 Azz|Eee WHITAKER'S MOM.
00:12 rb I remember hearing "Whitaker's Mom" but not why!
00:12 rahaeli whitaker's default verbal 404 or timeout noise was "...your mom"
00:12 rahaeli whenever he got stuck, that's what'd come out
00:12 rahaeli so, this eventually got turned around on him, and whitaker's mom jokes were the thing to do.
00:13 rahaeli "so, on a scale of 1 to whitaker's mom, how much does this idea suck?" etc.

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