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Yesterday's to-do (list)

11:25 AM 12/19/2009
To do today:

E-mail family letting them know I got in OK & my apartment has not sunk into the sea. (1:16 PM 12/19/2009 done: included best friend and MissKat on the list.)
Brush hair; Re-braid hair (done)
move clean clothings to staging area for eventual put-away (3:12 PM 12/19/2009 done)
shower (4:40 PM 12/19/2009 towel-and-wet-hair-writing commences)
dress in something suitable for OMG CONCERT (done)
11:26 AM 12/19/2009 brunch in progress: edamame
11:26 AM 12/19/2009 laundry has been started and has 4:35 to go
put away clean laundry left from the trip (smart Azz uses the extend-a-bag partition in the duffel wisely)
Clear off desk (haha)
clear off laptop table (haha)
Primp for concert (done)
have dinner (sort of)
unload first load of laundry; put in second load of laundry (3:11 PM 12/19/2009 done!)
E-mail Terry; request copies of scans. :D (not yet)
Start writing up The Epic Trip. (not yet)
Read Twitter. (Progress has been made.)
Read DW reading list. (Progress has been made.)
Read LJ friends. (not yet)
Read Google Reader. (Progress has been made.)
Read Facebook. (not yet)
Get note_to_cat out of moderation (and get that entry up). (not yet)
Get some tabs closed. (Some.)
Get down to zero unread in email inbox. (4:39 PM 12/19/2009 done!)
Clear through some LJ and DW inbox. (Some!)
Fold up bed. (woops)
Clear off floor. (ah well)
Empty R. Daneel. (heh)
4:39 PM 12/19/2009 CHARGE R. Daneel, as he'd been unplugged for two weeks!! (done)
Vacuum. (well, he's charged now)
Consider sweeping the patio. (considered)

11:29 AM 12/19/2009 Feedback sent to Trader Joe's:
Your dark chocolate mint UFOs, which I finally found again after not seeing for several years (I suspect I didn't pick up on the package change) describes the contents as "rich, delectable spheres of minty dark chocolate". I have no quarrel with most of this: rich, delectable, minty, dark chocolate, all check.

However, a sphere is a specific geometrical shape that is totally round in all directions, like a ball. It is not in any way descriptive of the whimsical UFO shape of this product, except that both shapes in some way involve a circle. This is an error on the order of me approaching a K-9 police team and telling the human officer "Your chihuahua is beautiful!", on the grounds that both a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua were dogs, right?

Please update the packaging and send everyone who signed off on this phrase back to geometry class.

I liked the milk chocolate ones better, too, alas.

Concert (ah, well, at least we had fun!) (if someone shouts "I have a gun" on the Muni, the police tend to get involved, thus setting everything back all of the wiggle time, and the venue was full up by the time we arrived. Dinner was good and I really like yellow curry with chicken and carrots and potatoes. And Pad Thai despite the cilantro.)

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