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Yesterday's to-do list

So suddenly most of the way through the morning there was an unexpected but unavoidable hard nap.

3:09 PM 12/20/2009 (oops I am starting late)
To do today:

Best friend has been called as of 1430.
Pull spam reports (3:18 PM 12/20/2009 pulled)
Crunch spam reports & post crunched spam reports (5:15 PM 12/20/2009 crunched and posted)
some form of meal (accomplished: ramen)
5:20 PM 12/20/2009 Checkin with MissKat
Brush hair; Re-braid hair (this happens before shower because shower makes hair untouchable until it dries) (6:15 PM 12/20/2009 done!)
shower (done)
dress in something suitable for fetching bread and other foodstuffs (done)
put away clean laundry (not done, but at least more of it is now dirty laundry, except for the clean laundry still in the machine)
Clear off desk & clear off laptop table (oh, lol, nice plan)
E-mail Terry; request copies of scans. :D (Why is this not done yet? I ask you!!)
Start writing up The Epic Trip. (At least some photos are off the camera.)
Read Twitter. (3:12 PM 12/20/2009 current)
Read DW reading list. (I did that this morning)
Read LJ friends. (6:16 PM 12/20/2009 ?skip=40)
Read Google Reader. (Nope.)
Read Facebook. (Nope.)
Get note_to_cat out of moderation (and get that entry up). (o hay wibbble did that!!! Thanks!!)
Get some tabs closed. (Some.)
Work on some email backlog (Heh.)
Listen to all voicemail (Done)
Clear through some LJ and DW inbox. (loooooool)
Fold up bed.
Clear off floor.
Empty R. Daneel. (heh)
Consider sweeping the patio. (But it was RAINING!)
Clean out spammy twitter followers.
"Conference" call (10:23 PM 12/20/2009 check)
Glare at damn dishes until they do themselves

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