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to-do from the 21st

Weird dreams, but nothing I could lay hands on once I woke up.

9:49 AM 12/21/2009
To do today:

some form of meal (9:49 AM 12/21/2009 almonds make meal, right? They call it almond meal... no?)
Brush hair; Re-braid hair (10:25 AM 12/21/2009 done.)
Unload travel toiletry bag (10:26 AM 12/21/2009 done. Hotel shampoos are great fun for testing out new products; I seem to like rosemary-mint shampoo!)
Unpack all bags.
- is amazing.
- 10:54 AM 12/21/2009 I got something called "The Mommy Hook", which is a giant (not-safe-for-climbing) caribiner with foam padding. At first I thought that you secured the leash of your small rambunctious child to it, but apparently it is only for shopping bags and the like.
- Apparently.
- I also got a cute little metal water bottle. Right now the water that comes out of it tastes much more like stainless steel than the water that goes in it.
Fold up bed. (11:50 AM 12/21/2009 Done!)
Scrapbook stuff into ye olde journal. (12:02 PM 12/21/2009 Okay, maybe that stuff too, but I meant trip stuff.)
Haul the next load of clean laundry out of the washer (done!) and put away all clean laundry (not so done)
Clear off floor.
Pick up all those tiny little nails that spilled out while you were flailing after that purse on Saturday night. (oops)
Empty R. Daneel. (heh)
Consider sweeping the patio. (OH HOLY FUCK IT WAS RAINING. Some loose leaves and some sandy, muddy gunk in water was swept. Now I will proceed to not sweep it for another six months? is that acceptable to everyone? yes?)
Clean out spammy twitter followers. (12:08 PM 12/21/2009 Done!)
dress in something suitable for Going Outside And Seeing People (bread, potstickers, other fun things) (1:18 PM 12/21/2009 where the hell are my socks?)
Trader Joe's. Safeway. (Done! Belatedly.)
Haunt Craigslist & Monster.
Clear off desk (looooool)
clear off laptop table (well, it's got mostly different stuff on it now)
E-mail Terry; request copies of scans. :D
Get images off camera
Write up the Epic Nick Trip
Start writing up The Super-Epic Trip.
Read Twitter. (10:34 AM 12/21/2009 check.) (11:18 AM 12/21/2009 check.)
Read DW reading list. (done)
Read LJ friends. (done)
Read Google Reader.
Read Facebook.
Get some tabs closed.
Work on some email backlog
Listen to all voicemail (I think I actually did that yesterday)
Clear through some LJ and DW inbox.
"Conference" call
Glare at damn dishes until they do themselves (Some of them have done; there are now more to replace them though!)
Locate tweezers (probably in the dregs of the toiletries bag)
Attend to face

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