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My current set of interests

I have 169 interests on DW. Most overlap with LJ, but DW lets me have more. Right now DW is having a bit of interest funkiness, and in order to avoid this I am making a backup of my current interests. I will also explain them all. (See, I was just going to post the block of interests for backup, but I decided to explain them all briefly too, for less boringness and skippable cut entry. Everybody wins!)

!!pleh, !pleh??, "my cocks(?) is down", #dw, #lj_support, $lj::will_not_work_without_steam_radiator, alaska, anthropomorphizing irc bots, babylon 5, bdsm, because rah said so, bisexuality, bit the boolean bot, blue hair, books, brew, c++, caffeine high, center for talented youth, chaos, chaos magick, chocolate, chocolate-covered espresso beans, coffee, computers, cooking, cordelia vorkosigan, crystals, cty, cult of josh, cyteen, dark angel, death swill, dendarii, denny's, depression, diana wynne jones, diane duane, do another, douglas adams, dragons, dream treatments, dreamwidth, duct tape, duct tape sword guys, earth, ectogenesis, egyptian fayoumi, elements, enki, eowyn, fire, fisting, gay rights, geekery, geeks, gemini, going to the wiki, going to the wiki brb, goth, hamilton college, hematite, hentai, hey mark hey mark, hey mark hey mark hey mark, html, imperfect english, isaac asimov, java, jolt, kurt vonnegut, l-space, lart, library monkeys, lightsabers, linux, liquid satan, livejournal, livejournal support prevention team, lois mcmaster bujold, long hair, magic, magic-geeking, magick, malkavian, matrix, monty python, mountain dew, mud cult, nagios, nevermore, non-essential buses, non-essential busses, note_to_, occult, oingo boingo, pagan, perfume, phighting collective phail, phoenix, poetry, polyamory, polyfidelity, poodle! stop humping!, pterry, r.e.m., rain, random word hell, raven, ravens, reading, reiki, religion, richard feynman, river water, robert a. heinlein, rocky horror picture show, ron/teaspoon, rose quartz, rpgs, runes, s.oteri, san francisco, science fiction, shambling horrors of the deep, sith academy, sithjawa, slash, sleep, sparklypoo, spider robinson, spirit, spr0t, star trek, star wars, stargaet, strangers in paradise, strength, submission, sugar high, supporting my abuse nazi friends, sword and sorceress, swords, talented yeeth, tarot, techno, technomancy, terry moore, terry pratchett, the goddess brew, the hat, the matrix, the triumvirate, there is no conspiracy, there is no spoon, they might be giants, tits against the rte, to annoy and confuse, trigun, user friendly, voice, weirdos, wind, witchcraft, words, writing, writing bug-free english, x-files, yeeth

!!pleh, !pleh?? -- there was this epic support request.

"my cocks(?) is down" -- epic SpinVox transcription fail.

#dw, #lj_support -- I love me some IRC.

$lj::will_not_work_without_steam_radiator -- The translation system is hell and I am witty as all fuck.

alaska -- everybody comes from somewhere.

anthropomorphizing irc bots -- 'nuff said.

babylon 5 -- old fandom I never watched half enough of.

bdsm -- with the right person I might want to play. Very few people would I trust enough for that though.

because rah said so -- a reason unto itself.

bisexuality -- not straight here.

bit the boolean bot -- one of the aforesaid bots.

blue hair -- I want it, but few workplaces accept it. Waist-length navy blue hair would look astonishingly good on me.

books -- cannot live without them.

brew -- a specific type of coffee I made in high school.

c++ -- I liked what little experience I had with this language.

caffeine high -- my drug of choice

center for talented youth -- formative teenage experience at academic camp, many good friends, first time I had the experience of being popular

chaos -- math and magic

chaos magick -- let's reach into the universe and see what we can make happen.

chocolate -- Food of the gods!

chocolate-covered espresso beans -- two good things in one place.

coffee -- Hooray caffeine! Hooray tasty coffee!

cooking -- I'm not especially skilled, but it's fun.

cordelia vorkosigan -- From the books by Lois McMaster Bujold. One of my heroes as a teenager.

crystals -- They are shiny.

cty -- Center for Talented Youth.

cult of josh -- So at CTY, brooklynmilli and I worshipped pyrogenic. A bit embarrassing in retrospect.

cyteen -- The book by C.J. Cherryh has a lot to do with me even keeping this journal. Know your inputs. Document your mental evolution. I read this book to reset my brain.

dark angel -- Old fandom. Max is hot, yo.

death swill -- Coffee that Shawn made.

dendarii -- Keyword for identifying other Bujold fans.

denny's -- After midnight is better.

depression -- If I forget that I have this, I risk death.

diana wynne jones -- A favorite author.

diane duane -- Another favorite author. I read her books to reset my brain.

do another -- From LJ Support.

douglas adams -- A favorite author.

dragons -- Here there be.

dream treatments -- From Darkside Blues.

dreamwidth -- duh

duct tape -- Holds the universe together, eh?

duct tape sword guys -- Best sport on earth.

earth -- The classical element.

ectogenesis -- Both the concept, and the title of my perpetually unfinished novel.

egyptian fayoumi -- A fascinating breed of chicken. I miss my Calico.

elements -- Periodic table or classical elements.

enki -- The hacker-god. (Why yes, someone read a bit too much Snow Crash as a child.)

eowyn -- she kicks ass.

fire -- The classical element, plus it's pretty.

fisting -- Abe is too little to be left in IRC by his lonesome sometimes. Also it's fun.

gay rights -- If you believe that people who are not straight should not enjoy the same human rights as people who are, then I actually don't want to talk to you. This includes, among other things,not getting killed for not being straight, not getting fired, and being able to marry a consenting adult partner of choice.

geekery -- I am a geek and proud of it.

geeks -- I have no romantic interest in people who are not also geeks. None. Nada.

gemini -- This explains a lot about me.

going to the wiki, going to the wiki brb -- #dw volunteer silliness.

goth -- Wearing nearly all black since 1997.

hamilton college -- the campus at which I attended CTY.

hematite -- Pretty rock. Pretty hen named after a rock.

hentai -- hey, it's porn!

hey mark hey mark, hey mark hey mark hey mark -- nagios is persistent. #dw silliness.

html -- The internet is really really great.

imperfect english -- It's amazing how very wrongly something can be phrased and still be understandable. I have privs in supportmindread.

isaac asimov -- a favorite author, and the one who taught me to get over my fear of public speaking.

java -- Coffee and programming (though I know precious little of the latter)

jolt -- I probably owe this soda my life several times over.

kurt vonnegut -- A favorite author.

l-space -- A sufficient amount of books warps the universe.

lart -- There are few things that can't be improved with a great big stick.

library monkeys -- my high school social crowd.

lightsabers -- Star Wars is love. Plus my best friend gave me a lightsaber toy once upon a time.

linux -- FOSS is love.

liquid satan -- A worse type of coffee that Shawn made.

livejournal -- Since 2001, man.

livejournal support prevention team -- a common typo.

lois mcmaster bujold -- a favorite author, despite the flaws of her books.

long hair -- I have it. It's about waist-length now.

magic, magic-geeking, magick -- You may have noticed the part where I'm not Christian. I don't talk in public overmuch about the details. When I get going with friends we get intensely geeky, as with all things.

malkavian -- So once upon a time there was a Malkavian by the name of Azure Lunatic. She got bored of the politics and wandered off with her player, never to be heard from at that LARP again.

matrix -- wirework is mad cool.

monty python -- Despite not having TV as a kid, this stuff is darn hilarious.

mountain dew -- The orange kind and the pink kind are best.

mud cult -- CTY + dirt + rain. WORSHIP THE MUD GODS.

nagios -- Hey Mark! Hey Mark! Hey Mark!

nevermore -- I'm too old for CTY now.

non-essential buses, non-essential busses -- There is some disagreement on spelling, but we are determined to keep Mark and Denise from getting hit by a bus.

note_to_ -- I run a few comms.

occult -- my religious leanings are esoteric.

oingo boingo -- I like this band.

pagan -- That's what I am.

perfume -- BPAL is fun for the whole family, plus I like noodling about with mixing oils.

phighting collective phail -- There was this one LJ suggestion.

phoenix -- I used to live there. I like the bird.

poetry -- Sometimes I write it.

polyamory, polyfidelity -- I'm too ADHD to fall out of love with one person before falling in love with another.

poodle! stop humping! -- My aunt has a standard poodle and a black lab whose hips are starting to go. Humping isn't good for the lab's hips.

pterry -- a favorite author.

r.e.m. -- a favorite band.

rain -- I like it. Water from the sky!

random word hell -- #dw IRC silliness: there's the hEll bot. Put in something, and often something comes back out.

raven -- had an Interest in me.

ravens -- Fascinating birds.

reading -- I do a lot of this, both online and off.

reiki -- I was once attuned.

religion -- fascinating to study.

richard feynman -- a childhood hero

river water -- Tea my sister makes

robert a. heinlein -- a teenage favorite author

rocky horror picture show -- what's not to like?

ron/teaspoon -- OTP (Harry Potter silliness)

rose quartz -- Pretty rocks.

rpgs -- I rarely play but they're fascinating.

runes -- I used to be able to transliterate into the Elder Futhark, and rune divination is interesting.

s.oteri -- jelepathic tellyfish.

san francisco -- I live in this area.

science fiction -- I read it.

shambling horrors of the deep -- exist in the LJ codebase

sith academy -- first slash fandom

sithjawa -- a friend.

slash -- Fic pairing same-sex characters that weren't paired in canon.

sleep -- I don't get enough of it.

sparklypoo -- I'd probably wind up in this House at Hogwarts.

spider robinson -- a teenage favorite author

spirit -- the element.

spr0t -- LJ support is silly.

star trek -- First serious fandom.

star wars -- Second serious fandom.

stargaet -- NAKED STARGAETS. ...You sort of had to be there. Once upon a time someone found this random porn site, and the Stargate section was nearly all naked pornstar with Amanda Tapping's head in the gateroom.

strangers in paradise -- fandom from my early adulthood

strength -- The tarot card.

submission -- See above about BDSM.

sugar high -- sugar high hairdye kamikaze fruit fly (it's the end of the session as we know it)

supporting my abuse nazi friends -- somebody's got to be the bad cop some of the time.

sword and sorceress -- First explicitly feminist fandom.

swords -- They are shiny and cool, and then there's fencing!

talented yeeth -- I was one.

tarot -- I read it.

techno -- I sometimes listen to it.

technomancy -- Computers and magic go well together.

terry moore -- Strangers in Pardise.

terry pratchett -- a favorite author

the goddess brew -- Coffee the way I make it.

the hat -- it is purple.

the matrix -- .... so I have a duplicate interest, I see.

the triumvirate -- GO TEAM DW SUPPORT.

there is no conspiracy -- totally isn't. none. not at all.

there is no spoon -- and I didn't bend it.

they might be giants -- and what are we going to do unless they are?

tits against the rte -- Now loathed on more than one site at a time! Born of bribing devs with cleavage pics.

to annoy and confuse -- SPAMMISH INQUISITION FOREVER. (CTY thing.)

trigun -- first anime fandom.

user friendly -- first webcomic fandom.

voice -- words of power.

weirdos -- I am one.

wind -- the stuff what blows, and the element.

witchcraft -- I do it.

words -- I like etymology.

writing -- I do it.

writing bug-free english -- every documentation specialist's dream.

x-files -- first fandom with a major 'ship, first media fandom for which I read porn

yeeth -- plural of youth, at least at the Center for Talented Yeeth.

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