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19 tweets for 2010-1-15, with #prop8 livetweeting

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Friday, 0917: In the Ceremonial Courtroom watching history.
  • Friday, 0948: So kids of same sex parents are less likely to have prejudice about gender stereotypes. Girls can be doctors and boys can be nurses.
  • Friday, 1000: So PBS is a liberal organization?
  • Friday, 1006: So this jackass is trying to use phrenology to imply that current psych is wrong about us queers.
  • Friday, 1022: Oh for Enki's sake this guy is all kinds of asking contradictory questions. Lesbians are perfect parents but poorer?
  • Friday, 1030: No, just because you have quoted some jackass does not mean you agree with him.
  • Friday, 1037: So the opposition is dragging up his college papers and trying to apply single parent households to same sex two parent households. Fucknut.
  • Friday, 1145: The overflow viewing room is more peanut gallery than the main courtroom. There is an audible snicker when the counsel says lolno.
  • Friday, 1152: If there is a hashtag for attendees of the #prop8 trial, someone dm me?
  • Friday, 1155: Why is he trying to apply studies of het pairings to all families. Het stepfather dynamics are not gay stepfather dynamics. #prop8
  • Friday, 1158: Defense has a binder fetish. Judge asked how many there *were*. Apparently 4. #prop8
  • Friday, 1203: "You don't get a random sample with the whole population!" The witness seems to think the opposition is statistically ignorant. #prop8
  • Friday, 1358: Thompson is so not a scientist. So very not a scientist. #prop8 trial
  • Friday, 1400: Wake me up when they stop with the "did not exclude people who were not married" #prop8
  • Friday, 1413: JD's phone battery died early. We broke for lunch at 12. My battery dying now too.
  • Friday, 1506: "Mr. Lamb, did the corporation for public broadcasting influence you in your testimony today?" LOL #prop8
  • Friday, 1650: On my way home from watching prop 8 trial. Got a business card of someone to send my courtroom sketches to.
  • Friday, 1704: Train having a door problem. I wonder if they will fall open.
  • Friday, 2329: amadific | There's More to Healing than Hyposprays (Kirk/Spock/Uhura, h/c)

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