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23 tweets for 2010-1-19, with #prop8 livetweeting

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Tuesday, 0702: Headed to join @gameboyguy13 at #prop8
  • Tuesday, 0708: @llbbooks Hen, female chicken. Rooster, male chicken. Pullet, young female chicken. Cockerel, young male. Capon, neutered male.
  • Tuesday, 0751: On BART, got my sketch pad and caffeine on board. At Civic Center in maybe 20.
  • Tuesday, 0829: Waiting in line to get into courtroom. JD says some lawyers in the elevator had a laundry cart of binders. #prop8
  • Tuesday, 0916: "What in the world is a DP?" Sanders on his daughter's partnership. #prop8
  • Tuesday, 0924: Defense has brought out the binders again. This morning's defense lawyer is the tool of the patriarchy.
  • Tuesday, 0938: I really do not like this lawyer. #prop8
  • Tuesday, 1005: "I do watch the Charger and the Padses games." Sanders doesn't watch TV. Big laugh. #prop8
  • Tuesday, 1042: In reflection of the great import and enormity of the case we are viewing today, @gameboyguy13 is playing Tetris on his phone.
  • Tuesday, 1128: The defense is getting pissy about the witness quoting stats about the lack of harm to marriage. Judge trying not to laugh. #prop8
  • Tuesday, 1153: They expect that this is news to her, that there are differences in the dimensions of sexuality? #prop8 also some racefail.
  • Tuesday, 1154: As if there are no fuzzy areas in race and gender. Fewer yes, but still there.
  • Tuesday, 1159: And the witness wins the "race is difficult to measure because they keep changing the census" <3 #prop8
  • Tuesday, 1409: This defense lawyer is much more facts-based. This is good for him, reminds me of LJ suggestions.
  • Tuesday, 1519: Has the counsel forgotten all his high school statistics classes? All his curves change at 2000, not 2001. #prop8
  • Tuesday, 2022: RT @drkotulski: #prop8 cooper is causing the overflow room to burst into math corrections and laughter. We are ready for him to go away ...
  • Tuesday, 2023: @maureenjohnson The #prop8 trial put my virtual little brother to sleep today, but I thought of you. I stayed awake! #lawyersareoftenboring
  • Tuesday, 2024: @drkotulski I think I was a touch disruptive flapping my arms. If I'd had the words I would have been swearing at that point.
  • Tuesday, 2026: @kirilith I'll probably be the one in black.
  • Tuesday, 2027: @fairlight777 It was hilarious. He was explaining why he hadn't seen the ugly #prop8 TV ads at that time, he doesn't watch TV. Then amended.
  • Tuesday, 2033: RT @MythBusters: [#MBMole] Half a tonne of ice just arrived on set. This afternoon is going to be messy
  • Tuesday, 2216: Lolno, this is a car bridge too.

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