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The Whitaker Dance

So once upon a time, there were two Brads at LiveJournal: Brad Fitzpatrick (brad, bradfitz) and Brad Whitaker (whitaker).

Whitaker was the sort of guy who creeps into legendary status because his co-workers talk about him enough that people who never knew him learn of his legend and pass it on.

Whitaker is famous in the areas of LJ history that I am aware of for a) "Whitaker's Mom" and b) The Whitaker Dance.

Apparently The Whitaker Dance involved a lot of bouncing up and down and "pointing at your junk".

Buying Whitaker dance lessons:

Brad tries the Whitaker Dance on the Segway, falls off:

A whole tagful of Whitaker Dance pictures, many from

The great LJ move (with Whitaker Dance)

On ice:

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