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Happy Fucking Valentine's Day, Guys (with bonus hanging-out with people)

Players in this narrative:

azurelunatic, a Fangirl, late of the e-mail list, resident of the greater San Francisco Bay Area
norabombay, a Fangirl, late of the e-mail list, resident of Chicago, previously of Areas Near Our* Fair Nation's Capitol, previously of Florida
[personal profile] tiferet, a Fangirl, late of the e-mail list, resident of San Francisco
ase, a Fangirl, late of the e-mail list, resident of Areas Near Our* Fair Nation's Capitol, Dear (Platonic) Friend of norabombay
jai_dit, a Geekboy, resident of San Francisco, previously of Florida
teshiron, a Geekboy, partner of jai_dit, resident of San Francisco, previously of Midwestern Areas, previously of Florida, Sir Not Appearing At This Dinner
trolleypup, a Transit Professional, late of the e-mail list, resident of San Francisco
Speak, a Cat
Asterisk, a Cat

* For values of "Our" that include the author and her co-nationalists, of the United States of America.

Nora had arrived Saturday, and we planned to meet for dinner Sunday. I was a bit too worn out to take charge of the scheduling, but happily, things worked out all right.

Nora let me know that they were doing brunch with trolleypup, and would be done about two. I took the opportunity to get the Disaster Area situation finally squared away. Just as I got off the phone with Mama, Nora called! Perfect timing. They were wandering about the SF Embarcadero area; I headed there, via In-n-Out (they'd had lunch, I hadn't).

We met up in the row of vendors-selling-stuff between the BART and the ferry building, and I observed as Nora bought Ase THE RING (made from a quarter of her birth year; Nora had got one of her own birth year for herself a few minutes previous) and duly snickered at the TALE OF WOE AND SHIPPING (the hotel didn't have a two-bed room, so put them in a one-bed room; this is of course after the part where any reasonable fangirl would ship them, given that they are ON VACATION IN SAN FRANCISCO TOGETHER). We decided that Pier 39 was in order, and headed for the F. We wound up on the 3rd one; the line was epic (and some people in the back of the line behind us got on through the back doors into the 2nd one, skipping the fare, naughty them).

We wandered about on Pier 39. Ase was prohibited from buying anything that she'll just have to pack back up and bring with her when she moves here, so she did not get a San Francisco shotglass, nor even an Alcatraz shotglass. I did not get the awesome Muni map mug. Nora did not get any of the shirts that looked like they had come from the 80s, and expressed horror that there were children who had not been born when Kurt Cobain killed himself buying and wearing shirts with his image and birth-and-death years.

We reached the end, and photos with Alcatraz in the background ensued. I snapped Nora and Ase, and directed them to stand showing off their rings to best advantage. THEY ARE FANDOM-MARRIED. SRS MINISTER IS SRS. A bystander noted that what happens in San Francisco stays in San Francisco, evidently mistaking this for a) Vegas, or b) a real wedding.

SGA Tam Lin, and the concept of Tam Lin in other fandoms, came up. Star Trek 2009 Tam Lin was a thought. Spock/Uhura? Kirk/Spock? The crackiest scenario that we came up with, which was pretty darn cracky, was Kirk going on shore leave (I forbid ye maidens all) and coming back with no memories of the awesome time he had, but for his new tattoo (a rose but only twa). Pike plays the part of Janet's concerned father.

Dinner was a topic of some small debate; I decided that probably a good bet was one of the taquerias near 16th and Mission. JD let us know what they were up to; planning ensued. I declared that we should meet at the specified taqueria at 7.

I ran out of water and was very unhappy about that (towards the end), and there was a great long line for the bathroom. But on the whole it was fun. We were thwarted several times trying to *get* bottled water (no drinking fountains there, apparently!) but were ultimately successful.

Nora offered to spring for a taxi, given that the alternative was public transit. We accepted. The line for the taxi was long; when it was our turn, it turned out that the driver of that taxi was going off-shift. Some bounders tried to jump the line, but were relegated to the end.

Once we finally got in the taxi, traffic was pretty thick. The driver apologized. He was pretty awesome. He tried to take a parking lot shortcut, but that didn't work. He fearlessly darted in and out of traffic, up and down hills. Ase would never be able to drive my Vash (and Vash doesn't do so well with hills); she does not like Neons.

Good Vibrations was the next stop on the trip, as it is a popular tourist destination. There was wandering-about, examining things, and giggling. Since it was, after all, Valentine's Day, the staff had provided chocolate, sparkling water, and wine. I proceeded to get very drunk off of a single very modest serving of wine. I got a riding crop to replace the one that was inadvertently decapitated in certain festivities.

JD texted to say that they were going to be delayed, then, that he was on his way but without poor exhausted and ill Ryan.

We kept the table at the taqueria with drinks and nachos, and waited for Tif and JD. Crossed wires had ensued, apparently; Tif showed up slightly after I called to check in.

Given that the seats there are not entirely comfortable (I'm fine with them; Nora was not so much), we adjourned to Al-Hamara on 16th after JD showed up, and had a merry old time, with JD and Ase talking San Francisco and a rousing fandom conversation at the other end of the table. Very good food. I sent my best friend an email with holiday wishes from my phone.

We wound up back at Tif's, one stop at the corner liquor store later. Ase had gotten coconut rum. I had gotten amaretto. JD had gotten coke. Tif had Jack Daniels already on hand. A booze-up ensued, and general hilarity and gossip. Speak played with the riding crop. I tried the coconut rum. The vanilla syrup was found to have gone Off.

JD and I departed about 11ish and went our separate ways. The BART ride home was uneventful but for the evidence of the previous pillowfight (evidently this is a yearly feature).

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