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Picture me at my windup-key computer waiting for pages to load.

5:43 PM 2/16/2010
I have been keeping a Notepad file open while I wait for Firefox and the computer to talk to each other. I've been typing all sorts of things up in here, getting caught up on the things I need to be documenting about my life for my own sanity.

5:58 PM 2/16/2010
Missed my Sunday checkin with the best friend. We'll survive, however. <3

6:05 PM 2/16/2010
Aunt may have located a potential position. Crossing fingers, looking again at CV.

(10-ish) Aunt made plans for tomorrow ("Want to come play with making miniature landscapes in tiny bonsai pots tomorrow?"); had invigorating chat with MissKat; crawled into bed with headset, found rocks under the bed, turned out the light. Left knee still spiking when I step on it wrong.

7:13 AM 2/17/2010
This morning will have funtimes with aunt. Cannot wait. (Well, actually, can wait: must finish brushing hair, rebraid hair, get dressed, have breakfast. Fortunately aunt has gym first.)

9:25 AM 2/17/2010
Dressed. Hair is not only brushed and rebraided, but is even coiled in a bun (the tall way, and secured haphazardly).

9:26 AM 2/17/2010
Text from aunt. Headed over there in a bit.

9:26 AM 2/17/2010
"Slashy the 8th Dwarf (the homicidal one)" now added to my worldview on Snow White & the 7 8 Dwarves. ( ) Thanks, Seanan!

9:59 AM 2/17/2010
Brain not quite yet fully loaded still, but getting there, and powering through the current responses to this morning's round of suggestions. Resentful of slow browser. Need to see if desktop has improved his worldview; new desk configuration has been created, all that's to be done is to plug in.

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