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Assorted Past Days with Events (February)

Saturday the 6th February, I was having one of those schedule-turned-around days, due to the previous night's fun. At length I did wake up. Tif had some bulky-shopping to do, so we toured Target, where she got a vacuum cleaner and cat litter (among other things, but those were the bulky ones), we stopped at iHop and she got me dinner and we talked about this and that, then we went by Safeway for the Coca-Cola sale (chattering nineteen to the dozen the whole time).

The Cheap Stuff section of Target had these hats. Imagine a Trilby hat, but made out of woven natural-colored straw, with the raw edges of the rim covered in a piece of pink trim, and a pink hatband.


Some random dude in the meat section said it was pretty awesome. (This, after I made a fictional-character-related observation to Tif and she said "YES!!!" and then the guy responded to her and then realized that she wasn't talking to him and then he was all babbly and slightly awkward. It was hilarious.)

There were rainbow candles right next to where we were standing in line to check out. This resulted in hilarious anecdotes. (Note to shop proprietors: consider age-appropriateness in suggesting birthday gifts to your underage customers with underage friends.)

I helped haul stuff in. The cats did not succeed in their escape attempts.

Sunday the 7th February, I did get to talk to my best friend, and it was one of the very good discussions about stuff, though I confess that I wouldn't be able to remember the details without help. His classes, and People Being Wrong on the Internet (online classes) were involved, though, and I am very proud of him for standing up to some of the Wrong, and also proud of him for not getting lured into a slapfest with his fucking classmates.

Friday the 12th February, there was a performance at the courthouse, which JD saw on SFist and thought we should check out; we did that. I wound up brandishing flowers. Even though we only caught the tail end, it was intense; I cried. We ran into a fellow we recognized from the Prop 8 trial and greeted each other.

We dropped by the library and JD turned in a book; we had lunch; we saw the exhibit upstairs of Irish printmakers. There were a couple that really caught my eye.

We hiked to the Census office, and I made sure that all my paperwork was complete.

We were then for home, and I was to go over to see the start of the Olympics with them, but I turned out to be amazingly tired, and just absolutely crashed.

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