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Assorted babblings

8:53 PM 2/17/2010
It's nightgown time. My hands are utterly stripped of oils from the grubbing about in the potting soil today, so I'm actually using lotion (this is rare during my time in Pacifica).
Unsure whether I'll be boinging out of bed tomorrow ready to take on the world, or whether I'll be creaking and shambling. Tomorrow is the traditional Farmers' Market day, and I'm planning on going with my aunt. My cane is going to be in order, you betcha.

8:58 PM 2/17/2010
I wonder how the handing over of the White House Twitter account will go in either 2012 or 2016 (depending). Probably pretty easily, since there's so much other stuff that gets handed over, and there are so many random staff people that keep the whole government running regardless of who's in the hot seat. (This random thought prompted by staring at the Twitter accounts that Mythbusters!Tory is following, while waiting for the browser to load a new page.)

9:05 PM 2/17/2010
I know I should probably contemplate going to bed, or at least lying down with a book. However, I don't want to actually move.

9:28 PM 2/17/2010
Moved. Hair still braided, teeth brushed, nightgown on. I was trying to search for stuff in and about the bathroom and hall closet, and I feel the brain-numbing aspects of the drugs now.

9:32 PM 2/17/2010
I was in the wiki updating the Common Jargon page earlier today, because of the cake thing (if it's not plain English and it comes up in channel, I want it documented) and that led me on three different paths looking at the sources of why "cake" is significant. 1) delicious and moist: Jonathan Coulton. 2) apparently the phrase JD uses a lot ("It is delicious cake. You must eat it.") is from /b/, and that meant that I had to explain /b/ in the wiki too. (I cheated, and linked to Wikipedia.) And finally, MacArthur Park. Before I ever heard MacArthur Park, I heard the reference to it in "It's Not My Birthday", so guess what is playing in my head right about now? At least that's less depressing than "Clockyard". (I blame Capt. Robert for that one, despite the fact that he did not force me to have the CD on repeat.)

9:36 PM 2/17/2010
One of these days I should get around to doing what I told Tif that I planned to do: create some form of group-editable document or other (hmm, perhaps this is a job for, um, that one tool, at that one place; ask skud when you're coherent again) listing off types of lube by category. This would be one of the crowning achievements of the entire career of [community profile] beginningcocks (which, by the way, needs more love). (This tangent is sponsored by my head attempting to filk "Clockyard" into "Cockyard". >_<)

9:56 PM 2/17/2010
Told aunt about the assorted funtimes from last April, plus the 12th-14th. Aunt was appalled. Sometimes she is a bit of an innocent when certain things are concerned. Advised her also that if she saw something labeled "rule 34" that she should probably turn around. (This wound up with the mention of the Dinosaurs Fucking Robots thing again.)

9:59 PM 2/17/2010
The timestamped stuff is probably going to replace a lot of the stuff that winds up in Twitter, because the thing to Twitter is hooked into browser (hm, maybe I should turn that off for now) and is therefore slow as all fuckery. This also allows for longer random little thoughts.

10:07 PM 2/17/2010
I trust that it is a part of the whole drug experience that I am having little feelings of minute muscle twitches and-or butterfly-tickles on various portions of my person, specifically the corner of the left eye, and also my knee. (There is no eye on my knee, just in case you were wondering, which I am sure that you actually were not.) I am grateful that I am ordinarily pain-free enough that I do not have to take heavy painkillers.

10:10 PM 2/17/2010
The thing where I am extraordinarily chatty is a side effect of the slowness of the browser, rather than the drugs; one will note that I was chatty for hours before that, and even yesterday, though apparently the drugs do not hurt that. I have also, one might be alternately pleased and apprehensive to note, started a section in my ongoing file here devoted to private notes. On the one hand, that means less of my babblings to see. On the other hand, perhaps you were growing weary of the unfiltered contents of my brain. On the gripping hand, not everything I think about are things that I deem suitable for the public life, nor even the friends-only life, and if I declare that I'm posting something privately, my words become uninhibited and I start to actually speak freely. Not that I don't already speak with an alarming degree of freedom now, but there is always some degree of self-consciousness, self-censoring, when standing in front of an audience that could potentially contain the entirety of the internet and starting to strip.

10:29 PM 2/17/2010
Apparently my headset is out of power, because it's beeping at me and dumping the call to the phone. And then the phone is cutting out, and it's CONVENIENTLY TIMED to the flickers in the goddamn lights. Also I'm completely unable to be articulate verbally because apparently eloquence at the keyboard and actual ability to *speak* are not the same thing. I can write like all fuck on this goddamn thing, but talk? oh hell no. so I can't even explain what my stupid phone is doing. Hate this hole in the hill. Hate my phone. Hate the stupid flickering lights. Hate my body. Hate Firefox.

10:34 PM 2/17/2010
Yay text from Kat. Don't hate Kat.

10:49 PM 2/17/2010
Closed stupid Mibbit because Firefox is handling like molasses in January. (Note: do not actually hate Mibbit, just, I hate the world right now. Apparently that is one of the known side effects of this particular medication, as I've been warned that it's contraindicated in certain mental conditions like depression, & that it is associated with raised suicide rates. I WONDER WHY.) (I do not hate Kat, my best friend, or the internet. I guess this proves that I really love them.)

10:52 PM 2/17/2010
Hate Limelight. (LJ's Content Delivery Network [CDN] partner.) (Still better than Panther.) (OK, point.)

10:57 PM 2/17/2010
Yeah, probably time for bed.

10:58 PM 2/17/2010
Hate javascript.

10:59 PM 2/17/2010
Hate being the downstairs neighbor quite a bit less than I hate stairs. Still hate creaky floorboards though, when they're my ceiling-boards.

(I am taking my own advice and harnessing the power of my loathing, and making note of what it is that I lothe when I'm not in my right mind, for they're the things that bother me but I dismiss them when I *am* in my right mind. Thank you, Ari Emory, for teaching me how to use my cycle and then integrate things later.) (Even though this is not technically cycle, it's just the drugs.)

(Really, it's a lot of loathing, though.)

5:10 AM 2/18/2010
Awake! Did not remember much about my dreams. Going through browser, closing tabs so I can restart. (I closed Mibbit last night, during the loathing, because it was a great huge systemsuck.)

Links that I have been referring to:
http://community.livejournal.com/lj_releases/54474.html - r61: there was a *lot* of stuff in here, still not entirely tracked it all down! This is because the notifications system is huge and people have opinions about it and that turns into suggestions.
http://community.livejournal.com/supportlounge/1658593.html - a whole lot of love is in here. LJ-people (volunteer & staff)-specific.
Assorted pages in http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq.bml - whether I'm on the boards or in the Suggestions queue or doing docs, I am all over these, as their entire contents are actually not contained by my brain, and it is much better to have a pre-written explanation and instructions than to re-invent the weasel. (I blame IG for that phrase.)
Mythbusters drinking games:
(those both sound like great recipes for alcohol poisoning. They're hilarious as reading material, however. Should possibly send to best friend.)
Assorted links in and around Suggestions. (You've got the queue, the comm itself, the admin comm...)

5:31 AM 2/18/2010
Attempting to approve a suggestion. Hating Firefox, but with less general outright loathing than last night. Last night was entertaining except where I'd rather really not do that one again. (Eventually I will forget how much I loathe that stuff in favor of how much pain I'm in, and how much I loathe pain, and we'll do it all again.)

5:33 AM 2/18/2010
Cannot locate my camera. Paranoid that I blanked the camera and that there are pictures that were not caught in the last backup and will be lost on the netbook's hard drive.

5:38 AM 2/18/2010
On dimensions in movies:
Dimension one is a dot or a line with only length.
Dimension two is a static image with length and width.
A "movie" involves "moving"; motion is a function of time.
A "3D movie" involves depth, and often those wacky glasses.
I refuse to countenance the term "4D movie", if they claim that spraying water and the scent of dead fish on people is a dimension. Artificial-depth movies already have a 4th dimension, time, and while I may know otherwise jack about physics, I do know enough that the involvement of other senses in the movie besides vision, hearing, and attention is a marketing dimension, not a physics dimension, and thus I scoff. (Apropos of Sunday chatter on the Pier.)

5:58 AM 2/18/2010
Right. Links I was looking at. From wibbble, http://your.flowingdata.com/guide/ which looks like I might be actually really interested in. Hm.

6:00 AM 2/18/2010
It's morning. I'm hungry. I want pizza. (I don't have pizza.)

6:04 AM 2/18/2010
Plans for today:
-Farmers' Market
-Assorted administrative
-Thursday Night Funtimes, energy permitting

6:16 AM 2/18/2010
...so I close Firefox, right? Right. I get the "you are closing 5 windows!" warning, and I close the motherfucker. Then I am sitting waiting for the task to actually end itself so I can start the motherfucker again, right. And I can see the process sitting there eating up 200,000-odd K of memory. And suddenly I get the dialog box that tells me that a script has stopped responding, and lo and behold there is my gmail window. (When I tell it to stop running the motherfucking script, motherfuckers, the motherfucker closed.)
(Yes, I'm using "motherfucker" a lot. Samuel L. Jackson is a bad influence. Pretend I'm a mechanic in a grease-stained coverall and that this is a car.)

6:21 AM 2/18/2010
That was only 6 hours, for the sleeping. I think I'll go curl back up with the book, maybe sleep a bit more.

9:34 AM 2/18/2010
Woops, missed aunt & farmers' market. I did need that extra sleep, though.

9:41 AM 2/18/2010
Or perhaps I have not missed it! Hooray for text messages.

9:47 AM 2/18/2010
All dressed. Not sure where my keys are.

9:49 AM 2/18/2010
Found keys, shoes, need tea. Can I mix "Blues Be Gone" with something that has caffeine? Even a caffeine pill? ...ooo, good idea.

9:51 AM 2/18/2010
Oh right it's in my evening bag with the makeup. (good place for it) OH THERE IS MY CAMERA WIN ...*half* a pill (1/2 200 is 100mg) because I am not *stupid*.

11:31 AM 2/18/2010
Returned from farmers' market. Also Target (needed dishwashing gloves, batteries, cheap CD player so I have CD audio that doesn't depend on a struggling elderly computer); aunt needed to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to price their microwaves. (She popped back out in crankiness: they had only one, a rather puny one.) She asked for my recommendations for microwave-shopping; I explained my thoughts on Best Buy (and how prior to that ad campaign I would have recommended them).

11:44 AM 2/18/2010
Abney Park is cheerfully building steam from my happy little speakers. And - joy, bliss and rapture - the AC adapter from the defunct MP3 CD player that I got nearly a decade ago is compatible! (Though switching over does restart the machine, and its connections are dodgy, so we're re-listening the first two songs now.)

11:48 AM 2/18/2010
This week from the farmers' market: artichoke spread, sausage, celery, green onions, strawberries, a tomato, pastry. Planning tuna salad sometime.

12:39 PM 2/18/2010
... oh god no. elyssa, triadruid, everyone, thank you so much for wielding the sanity stick re: SPAM CAMPAIGNS. Glad dude has repented.

1:40 PM 2/18/2010
Rebooted. Uninstalled some stuff, deleted some stuff, much better, much faster.

Crossposted. comment count unavailable comments.
Gone away, gone ahead,
Echoes roll unanswered.
Empty, open, dusty, dead.
Why have all the Weyrfolk fled?

Where have dragons gone together
Leaving weyrs to wind and weather,
Setting herdbeasts free of tether;
Gone, our safeguards, gone, but whither?

Have they flown to some new weyr
Where cruel Threads some others fear?
Are they worlds away from here?
Why, oh why the empty weyr?

-- "The Question Song", Anne McCaffrey
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