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2:50 PM 2/20/2010
There are some days when the only logical course of action is to blast Automatic for the People.

2:59 PM 2/20/2010
This CD is tape for me.

2:59 PM 2/20/2010
Starting essay on "tape", and other useful words to know around Miss Lunatic.

3:40 PM 2/20/2010
Right, this must be the copy of the CD that I have that's got the screwed-up track, not the CD player's problem.

10:41 PM 2/20/2010
Back from walk/dinner/Red Dwarf + crocheting. We just finished Episode 4.

11:44 PM 2/20/2010
Jira is not loooooading. :(

11:49 PM 2/20/2010
You know how kids come up with weird urban legends about sex? I was convinced that Kinsey-0 straight people were one of them, until a perfectly-straight character popped into my head once. It is *weird*, man. Though she likes men more than I ever will.

11:52 PM 2/20/2010 - idiot-socks. :D :D :D

12:03 AM 2/21/2010
Brushing the Impossible Hair, shedding all over my hairbrush, completely un-thrilled with the current state of my wireless network.

12:08 AM 2/21/2010
Also appalled at how long it takes to do a malware scan.

1:25 AM 2/21/2010
Happily showered, feeling the intrinsic, incredible emotion. (Examining my own gender identity in the shower, concluding that I'm actually very weird on some of these things; there are a few components of presentation as a woman that I'm very attached to, and my parents preserved me from as many of the toxic memes attached to woman/female in the US as they possibly could so I'm actually not burdened too badly by them; if I'd been raised to think of quitting being female the only way to get out of Being A Woman, I think things might have gone differently for me.)

8:27 AM 2/21/2010
Hello, broken sleep cycle.

I see syndication on LJ has unbroken again.

11:13 AM 2/21/2010
Good morning again. Still with the jellyfish, la la la.

11:22 AM 2/21/2010
Finishing my morning's tour through the recently filed volunteer-accessible LJ-bugs, subscribing and seeing which ones mean I get to tell Suggestions users good news, before I call the best friend.

11:48 AM 2/21/2010
Glaring at inbox. (Is my best friend even awake yet?)

12:05 PM 2/21/2010
I think it is time for lunch.

12:19 PM 2/21/2010
Last night's ham = today's sandwich (on sourdough bread, with mayo and dill pickles)

12:41 PM 2/21/2010
Sandwich tasty.

2:33 PM 2/21/2010

2:39 PM 2/21/2010
Somebody couldn't talk right now. Talking later is good too.

3:40 PM 2/21/2010
My man'chi is feeling frayed. Not sure if/when it'll get patched. Depressing. (Actually, really depressing. Looks like this is one of the things that's been weighing on my mind, and now that I've identified it, it's a pain that's not going away.)

6:51 PM 2/21/2010
Power is back on.

9:18 PM 2/21/2010
Tried crawling into bed with headset while on the phone with MissKat, but stuff happened and I had to crawl back out. Feeling fragile.

(First best friend was getting groceries, then he was in the middle of supper. I have impeccable timing, don'tcha know. Tomorrow, then. I hope.)

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