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Not that good a day, actually.

11:04 PM 2/23/2010
Oh god, my power is *horrible*. UPS is peeping and clicking and oh god, I did not realize it was this bad, oh god oh god.

I wonder if it is in part due to the washing machine. Would not surprise me. Would not surprise me if the washing machines of others helped too.

11:27 PM 2/23/2010

but the chkdsk did get done, and that's good.

11:51 PM 2/23/2010
Diving into the APC knowledge base. "My Backups emits a clicking sound, yet functions properly", check. I take it that it is NOT SO GOOD when the unit sounds like A CLASSFUL OF CLICKER-TRAINERS, however.

12:20 AM 2/24/2010
Changed 2 things that might could have been a problem (turned off mini halogen on same circuit, sucked it up and plugged the sideways wall-wart that powers the monitor's base USB hub directly in rather than as the sole item in a 3-outlet power strip to save footprint) -- and still with the BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEOOOOP.

Not happy.

I'm really thinking that this is not a problem directly with the UPS, that the UPS is just getting really unacceptable power scenarios thrown at it, repeatedly -- not just a steady brownout, but rapid flickering -- and hell, I do not blame the fucker for throwing in the towel for a couple seconds before coming back online.

This ... this really underscores why I was feeling amazingly reluctant to bring Madman back up to power without a UPS in between him and the wall.

Tomorrow sounds like a great day for wandering down to the office and asking why on earth my *lights* would be *flickering* so!

This is a brand new UPS. I will also be inquiring with the manufacturer, to see if there's any possibility that the UPS could be at fault for not being able to handle this bullshit (if it ought to be able to handle this bullshit, basically).

It is a bad, bad, bad idea to chain UPSes, but god. If I didn't plug *anything* but the second into the first, the second would probably get mostly clean power with a little bit of blinkety due to the CONSTANT CLICKING BACK AND FORTH, and then the occasional one to two second complete power drops. (Not going to do this, just thinking out loud.)


2:46 AM 2/24/2010
Well, I'm for bed, then!

2:58 AM 2/24/2010
...or perhaps not. My head has started drafting something out, and I'd do poorly to ignore that.

4:25 AM 2/24/2010
That was invigorating. Now as I am actually fallng asleep sitting up...

8:16 AM 2/24/2010
It is yet again morning, and I am yet again in the middle of my sleep cycle. This does not amuse.

8:18 AM 2/24/2010
Okay, being called "a God amongst men" amuses. (Not sure whether the godlike powers part or the possible assumption that I am male amuses more.) (In context, "men" is either "male humans" or "humans", and I'm unsure which was meant.)

8:35 AM 2/24/2010
The fact that I have only two confirmed memories from before I learned to read is both kind of cool, and a little intimidating.

12:16 PM 2/24/2010
The part where I had dreams and remembered them was novel and entertaining.

The part where some of the dream involved getting CDs that were (in the dream) loaned out 10 years ago returned was all right.

The homophobia was not so all right.

The crazed 8-year-old brother or cousin (which I don't have) taking advantage of me being distracted while doing group yoga (or something) and stealing the cheese off the top of my toast, very weird.

The part where I embarked on the sort of scary screaming tirade where you're not sure if you're going to actually pass out because of how hard you're screaming? Actually not so cool. Waking up to the sound of a private message in the middle of that tirade? Oh-so-shaky. (It was suggestions-related, and thus a perfectly legit PM.)

[This was the downtown-on-the-bus universe, with all the trains and so forth; it was near the Y-shaped street-split with the dollar store where I was looking at those blue-feathered umbrellas once. ...Yes, there are separate universes in my dreams, don't you have them in yours? Though I really sometimes despise that universe's subway system; it's really not safe to have all those parts out in the open. Much cleaner than SF though.]

12:57 PM 2/24/2010
I knew what song I wanted to start out with, so it was a matter of locating the right CD. I heard the start of it in my head; I identified it as "Radio Free Europe"; after a perusal of the CD case, this turned out to be Murmur.

It will probably be a day with a lot of R.E.M.

5:23 PM 2/24/2010
New Adventures in Hi-Fi is wrapping up.

5:42 PM 2/24/2010
If only the last track weren't broken.

7:30 PM 2/24/2010
Great, now depression and blood sugar and man'chi problems are ganging up on me.

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