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(Sometimes I sparkle in the sunlight, when the light catches the tiny fine hairs just right.)

1:31 PM 2/25/2010
I wonder how many people look at my default userpic and identify the wrong person as being me?

1:32 PM 2/25/2010
Going into the city later.

2:20 PM 2/25/2010
Still figuring out the most logical setup for my recycling shenanigans. I'm thinking a blue IKEA bag right in that nook, with 2 paper bags and 1 plastic: 1 for stuff for which I can get deposit, 1 for paper for apartment complex recycle, 1 for plastic for apartment complex recycle.

2:27 PM 2/25/2010
I have R.E.M. in my head again. ORANGE CRUSH.

1:36 AM 2/26/2010
Still giggly over the fact that the closest match to my actual skin tone in the way of the strap-ons offered by Good Vibrations is the Tantus Vamp, which is their pale-ivory-and-sparkling (little gold sparkles, rather than little white or rainbow sparkles, I must specify) selection. I'd seen the thing before, on the internet, and howled at the ad copy. Then I saw the thing hanging from the wall in the shop from a distance, identified it as the closest match to my burns-at-a-hint-of-sun foggy-island-and-extreme-northerner complexion (it's lighter than I am, but only slightly, and has the right undertones; the caucasian-tan selections are a few shades off in the other direction but have the wrong undertones). Then I looked closer and saw the sparkles. A tiny bell dinged in my brain. I looked at the tag (and the price). Yes, it was indeed The Vamp. This resulted in me dying of the giggles, and sharing my thoughts on Twilight with the clerk who popped up.

I did not actually get this item. It is, however, on my wish list. (I'm sure you all needed to know that.)

I stopped at Good Vibrations because it was on an auspicious block and I was running early for TV night. I had just come from Borderlands, which did not have seanan_mcguire's latest yet (there's no strict laydown date on it, it's officially released in 5 days or so, so it's been popping up here and there), and did not have naked kitties at that point in the day, but did have many many books. I burned some time there, having decided against making a hike for cupcakes.

When I finished walking coffeechica back hotelward from coffee, I had a hard choice to make about going in search of cupcakes or going to Borderlands. I went to Borderlands.

I walked Carrie hotelwards, having descended into more wide-ranging shop-talk; we bid each other farewell at the tail end of the Powell St. station. Some punks hit the escalator before I did, and had fun trying to walk down the up escalator. The same young punk slid a cup of water down the area between the two escalators. It overturned. I gave the whole group of them a good healthy glare.

We settled down in some nearby "this is an amusement park ride, not a seating area" seating, with our respective coffees and got down to business. Hooray suggestions. Mostly just housekeeping, a few bright ideas, structure, balance, harmony. Then I broke out the chocolate and the conversation strayed. Perhaps I should audio-record my giggles, which are apparently incredibly infectious and cheering. I passed on a cute little hand-me-down mp3 player, 512mb, which had already been handed down to me. Carrie is forever misplacing her iPod prior to SF trips, and this thing's main awesome point is that it takes an AAA battery, so no actual I-will-forget-it-somewhere charge cables are needed, and one can come by said batteries in a reasonably well-stocked airport shop, and she can load it with emergency music and leave it in her travel bag. It is already loaded with music, so it will be a MUSICAL ADVENTURE.

Starbucks was hellaciously crowded. I took one look inside and advised Carrie that actually, we should go to the place just around the corner, so off we headed, gossiping nineteen to the dozen already. The other place was somewhat full as well, but less OMG CROWDED and with more space, although no actual empty tables. We got our respective coffees (decaf latte, caramel ice blend, full caffeine, and the barista added plenty of caramel), and Carrie cleverly deployed her Caribou coffee fabric cup insulator. No tables had opened up while we were in line, so we went in search of alternate seating.

I was running late by the time I popped out of Powell, just a few minutes, but I diverted my route to toss a few quarters in the case of the BART cellist. I took his presence as a good omen, and emerged into daylight. I hightailed it for the Starbucks, and spotted Carrie outside. I waved. She waved back. She had just arrived, and advised the Starbucks was hella crowded.

Reading Perdido Street Station on BART strikes me as slightly meta in some way.

I started out later than I intended; my last-minute decision to bring Allegra along involved looking for the wireless adapter; I discovered that Allegra had no USB port (and then later discovered that she had, under the back panel protecting the ports) so I did a tricky bit of swapping out removable network cards between laptops. (Thalia has one of those credit-card-sized oldschool wireless cards, but will take a USB wireless stick happily too.) Then I zoomed.

Slightly after I woke up, Carrie PMed me and we worked out a time to meet up for a Suggestions meeting; she was able to set aside a chunk of day, and I was deeply grateful. All would be well with the world again.

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