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mind gets crushed by the crashing waves

2:43 AM 2/26/2010
Interesting writing about my day in backwards order.

2:49 AM 2/26/2010
Just about bedtime! The great thing about doing real-time updates when things are happening, but posting it later, is that you don't have to worry about someone seeing "bedtime" and taking it as license to cause about 8 hours of unchecked mischief.

10:37 AM 2/26/2010
Brief power outage earlier this morning. My alarm clock squawks when the power goes off or on, I have discovered. Toted UPS over to router, checked email, turned everything off, went back to bed with book until power came back on, turned on light, kept reading for a while.

11:14 AM 2/26/2010
Much, much, much belatedly, the pun inherent in the naming of Higgs from Girl Genius smacks me in the face. There was a physical recoil as it hit me. Then I cackled extensively.

11:16 AM 2/26/2010
I now desire a clockwork snake named Mr. Hissyfit. *nods*

1:30 PM 2/26/2010
And now there is rain and wind.

2:09 PM 2/26/2010
Oh wow, it's kind of pouring. There are many great huge drops falling onto my patio, which is unremarkable until you realize that there is a patio above mine, and most of its rain runs off around the edges. There were just sheets of blowing water on the roof of the building above me on the hill. Trees blowing. Rain audible on the chimney-cap, wind blowing down the flue, and audible down the bathroom vent too.

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