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Assorted, including the Tricky Pixie concert on the 26th (glee!!)

2:13 PM 2/26/2010
Having cold ham. Most of the rest of the ham is now in the crockpot with some rice. After it settles, I may add a can of bean-with-bacon soup to round it out.

4:32 PM 2/26/2010
Smells wonderful. Cannot eat it yet, rice is not actually cooked.

5:27 PM 2/26/2010
Walkies with aunt forthcoming. Researching herb shops in SF for raspberry leaf tea and possible indigo.

11:47 PM 2/26/2010
Not sure what piece of equipment I should be cursing at now.

1:39 AM 2/27/2010
Probably should curse both at electrical system and router.

Concert was good, though. Am suddenly and madly in audience-to-performer love with Alexander James Adams; did not actually buy the duet-with-Heather Alexander album, but it is on my List. "He of the Sidhe" (which was presented without the same introduction, but the lyrics did enough with the context) did not quite make the tears spill over, but it was close. "Creature" ... ohhhh yeah. SEX IN BOOTS. Also the Beltane fire song. <3

1:53 AM 2/27/2010
It did me good to hear some good old-fashioned pagan music. My life needs more of that.

2:01 AM 2/27/2010
Hilariously, the Tantus Vamp came up in pre-song patter for a werewolf song.

Drew a Ravens In The Library sketch, because my mind very clearly saw all the havoc.

2:11 AM 2/27/2010
I suddenly find myself in need of a userpic from the cover of The Rowan, for use regarding psychic powers, the relevant era of my life, and that particular avenue of fashion choice.

8:14 AM 2/27/2010
My cellphone makes a cute little chime when unplugged or plugged in. So very charming to hear it when I'm on the other side of the room. (Hi, California unstable power. Nice to meet you.)

I have an abundance of cat-5. In the absence of the wirelessness of my cablemodem/wireless router behaving properly this morning, I have broken out some of it.

8:18 AM 2/27/2010
If someone has said a hilarious but slightly awkward turn of phrase to me once, I may wrap my brain's tentacles around it and never let it go. I list "imperfect English" as an interest for a reason. It is an interest, and not just a like: sometimes the crazy things people say make me run and hide, but nevertheless I can often figure out what was trying to be conveyed. My brain spins on "why on Earth" and "what the fuck".

8:26 AM 2/27/2010
Little noises make me jumpy. I am still on edge, despite general exhaustion. My legs inquire "what the hell?" of me, regarding yesterday's walk with my aunt, followed directly by the little hike to the bookstore and then back.

8:35 AM 2/27/2010
Oh eek. Twitter-client open, reading news. :( :( :( 8.8 is a lot of earthquake.

9:27 AM 2/27/2010
projected waves on the SF coast, no more than 1 foot higher than normal.

1:13 AM 2/28/2010
Felt ill all afternoon, took hot bath instead of shower. Much better after that but still a bit fuzzy.

2:02 AM 2/28/2010

I have a bad habit of answering questions of the form "How did X happen?", "How do you do X?" or "How did it get to be X?" with "Carefully." -- even when this makes absolutely no sense.

Makes sense:
"How do you get an iguana into your carry-on baggage, anyway?"

Does not make sense:
"How did it get to be 2 in the morning?"

This does not stop me from thinking it is hilarious.

3:13 AM 2/28/2010
"...WEARING CLOTHES, OKAY?" Depression is hard. Disability is hard. Other assorted things can be hard. Sometimes, I'M WEARING CLOTHES, OKAY!? is what one has got. They are clothes. My face may not look like I want to talk to humans, I may have no lipstick and my Impossible Hair may have decided to colonize its immediate surroundings, but I'M WEARING CLOTHES. WHAT THE HELL ELSE ARE YOU GOING TO ASK FOR. (Shorthand between me and MissKat for those scenarios where, well. WEARING CLOTHES.) Useful for one's own self, and one's expectations of others. ("Yes, he has no sense of style and his sweatpants are backwards, BUT HE IS WEARING CLOTHES, OKAY?")

9:58 AM 2/28/2010
(from a comment elsejournal, a realization:) A worldview with "X is the Right Thing and cannot be wrong, and if signs of damage are present and correlated with X, well, that means we are just not doing X enough/hard enough/long enough" is pathological. One must at least, if X is correlated with damage, examine the premise that perhaps X is the wrong thing, or being applied incorrectly, in this particular case, even if that premise is later rejected. (Inhaling the cough syrup does not help, in other words, and g-d help you if you have an allergy.)

5:58 PM 2/28/2010
Best friend was at D&D game when I called earlier, and apparently had not taken over the world with a zombie army, or some such thing. The peanut gallery (the other gamers) had commentary, in the form of "Today! He hasn't done that *today*!" Ahh, my dear sweet fiendishly-scheming best friend. :D

9:59 PM 2/28/2010
Back from fetching groceries. Yay, groceries.

10:36 PM 2/28/2010
Finally having occasion to use the probe thermometer I got. All hail Alton Brown (from whom I originally learned the technique) and also thank you to for having the instructions online when I needed them.

12:09 AM 3/1/2010
I was more in need of red meat than I realized. Next time I'll use a different oil. Lightly rubbed a London Broil with oil, sprinkled on Canadian Steak Seasoning, placed 3 minutes per side in a very hot pan to form the crust, placed in a baking pan in a 450°F (preheated) oven until internal temperature reached 125°F (it continued to heat after I brought it out, and wound up in the 160°F+ range), sliced off a small end to eat while it was settling, then sliced part of it very thin over a large salad of romaine, mixed spring leaves, Fuji apple slices, and cashew fragments with Caesar dressing. OM NOM NOM. (Doom nom nom?) That was a lot of meat that I ate, and I am pretty sure that I needed it.

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