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a shopping trip and a lot of earworms

11:51 AM 3/1/2010
Things that amuse me occasionally: treating things that are plural as singular, treating things that should be singular as plural. "an advice". "some advices".

2:01 PM 3/1/2010
It was time to reboot last night, and I haven't yet. Fixing that now.

2:27 PM 3/1/2010
My solution to too many problems: "Hire a dominatrix." Even/especially the sorts of workplace problems caused by too many people meekly going along with what the boss says, even if what the boss says is completely insane. See, the dominatrix should go to the work meetings, and stand up on behalf of the client who cannot stand up for themselves, and possibly flog the boss. (Apropos of the workplace of someone with whom I was chatting this afternoon, and chatting about the workplace and problems therein. So if you suspect that this is your workplace I am talking about, you are wrong; if you know that this is your workplace I am talking about, because you were just chatting with me in capslock about kicking people down the well, then yes, this is your workplace. Though if you feel that your workplace could use this, by all means go for it.)

4:23 PM 3/1/2010
Operation: Get Ass To Apartment Complex Office: Complete! Next up: Get Ass Back To Apartment Complex Office Tomorrow Morning. (Though before that, we've got walkies and then a Funtimes Target Expedition.) [My agoraphobia is actually not doing so well. Not causing extensive panic attacks, but not making it easy to maintain actual function either.]

6:34 PM 3/1/2010
Operation Go The Hell Walking With Aunt And Two Dogs: Complete! Next up: Target! Meanwhile: juice, icons, warming back up.

2:10 AM 3/2/2010
Have returned from Operation: Target! [personal profile] rynia mentioned the Gorillaz, so I'm listening to "Clint Eastwood", which is one of the songs that will inevitably take me back to 2001, newly in love and learning peace of mind. [Insert here, if you will, dear reader: my [community profile] earwormhole entry.] Tif managed to get songs in my head with a few key phrases ("E Bow the Letter" ("I don't get it") and "Love Shack" ("headed down") ) and we had the usual sort of hilarious time, complete with assorted texting at Fairlight and random calls from MissKat.

Chatted with Tif about writing and characters. Lovie is *appalling* and insane. Mike is just mouthy. :D (Anyone who feels like they should recognize Lovie and/or Mike but is a little shaky on that front, or doesn't feel like they should but wants to, refer to that "characters" link.)

2:43 AM 3/2/2010
Sometimes I can sound out Cyrillic on vodka bottles.

3:47 AM 3/2/2010
Warm socks are a very good thing for the whole family.

...shedding sock is shedding. (Argyle = loose ends?)

4:19 AM 3/2/2010
Perhaps because of the "Clint Eastwood", I'm feeling warm and fuzzy and nostalgic and in love and so-sweetly missing my best friend. Ah, my dear sir, you light up my life with nothing but your constancy and friendship.

4:43 AM 3/2/2010
So apparently I can haul 60 cans of soda (and attendant cardboard) up a flight of stairs at the same time, provided they've been secured in a Great Big IKEA Bag of Doom. 84, however, is too many. It's good to know these things.

Kitty chew paperbag. Kitty hide under sofa. Kitty hide under table. Kitty skulk at door. Kitty not understand Japanese yet. Kitty no want to see crazy neighbor naked in his bathroom. (No-one else wants this either.)

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