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And the Roomba-stuck-under-bed count is...

4:49 AM 3/2/2010
It's good to finally know the lyrics to that song. I'm really bad about not deciphering meaning from indistinct sound. Who'd have thought that "feeltapaupislittle pearls" was "Fields of poppies, little pearls"? (That fame thing. I don't get it.)

11:21 AM 3/2/2010
After far too long of not-writing, Connie's teacher has spoken up and is cheerfully crashing Connie's broken little dreams. (Aww.) (But seriously, the computers that are up on blocks in the yard already? You don't need to attempt to turn them into your own private server farm. At least Connie has no need to, other than practice.)

12:38 PM 3/2/2010
I hate the whole world again today, this time without scary-painkillers.

2:29 PM 3/2/2010
Note for that LJ Meta thing: Old School has the classic Open Source cliché of design that a particular piece of information goes in one place and one place only; New School doesn't see why information shouldn't be in any possible place it's relevant. (Current good development practices, of course, make sure that it's coded in such a way that it is stored in one place, thus balancing the Old School development truism with the New School informational design aesthetic/usefulness principle.)

4:43 PM 3/2/2010
Argh. *clubs agoraphobia over the head like a baby seal*
...uh. Perhaps my comparisons are a little, um.

4:45 PM 3/2/2010
Pounding appears to be from renovation of the apartment seaward and across the way. Good to know. (We are connected on the bottom pad and by wood above, so sound conducts, even though no shared walls.)

5:09 PM 3/2/2010
Well, my apartment is tidier, but I'm not actually OUT OF THE DOOR yet. Hi, agoraphobia.

5:13 PM 3/2/2010
Hi, hyperventilation. Agoraphobia, how thoughtful of you to issue an invitation.

5:37 PM 3/2/2010
Out has been accomplished; back on correct side of door again. Minimal actual panic, but heart rate still up, breath still short. Systems are standing down though. Also California sees the need to inform me that carbon monoxide is dangerous and should not be used indoors, because it is my landlord's responsibility to tell me this because it is their building, not my parents' responsibility to tell me this when I was one, two, three, and so on through 10 and beyond, because I am their daughter.

5:55 PM 3/2/2010
The office's coffee is pretty good, for being fancy and pre-packaged and coming out of some frou-frou machine that doesn't require five hours of orientation to run.

My alert systems have stood down, I see.

5:56 PM 3/2/2010
Reading fic, and that got me stopped on the fic and started reading up on the different types and applications of safewords.
You've got the simplest safeword, the "stop this now"; unless explicitly negotiated beforehand and confirmed before commencing, any "no", "stop", "don't" is (depending on context) a "stop this entirely" or a "that thing you did, do not do it".
So you've got your various unornamented forms of "no".
You've got your lack-of-assent; in sexyfuntimes, the "silence is consent" is even more incorrect than it is at other times.
You've got the "stop this now" safeword that you discussed beforehand and everyone will totally remember in the middle of the thing. (Default safeword is "safeword"; unlike a default password, this doesn't always need to be changed, and should be respected in a high-traffic environment.)
You've got the traffic light system. (Green = go; yellow = caution, slow, let's talk about this, not so fast buster, ease up, my fucking knees are killing me; red = stop!!)
You've got the form of the traffic light system where the sub says whatever as they will.
You've got the form where the dom checks in and inquires after the sub's status.
You've got the form where unless the sub continues with the go-ahead signal, things stop.
You've got verbal stuff: code words.
You've got gestures, including ASL, foot-stomps, finger-snaps. (I can finger-spell, to the best of my very limited ability, when my mind's bad places have declared LOL NO NOT SPEAKING TODAY, though this happens much less often now than previously.)
You've got blinking or hand-squeezing in Morse Code. (Hand-squeezing G for Green in Morse Code was what pulled me out of the fic -- not from a lack of realism, but from an OMG YOU CAN DO THAT OH WOW YES YOU CAN OMG.)
You've got a physical token safe-signal, as long as it's held, it's good; if it's dropped, DING. Noisy or otherwise liable to have the drop noticed is a bonus.
You've a physical "panic button", such as a noisemaker that goes off at a button press, or a clicker.
You've the no-explicitly-defined-cues scenario, where the top knows the bottom's assorted verbal and nonverbal signals and limits well enough to know when to continue and when something's been tripped.

6:58 PM 3/2/2010
Mandolin is fucking metal. It's a time. It's Out of Time time. It's also laundry time, and turning-on-not-quite-every-light-in-the-apartment time. It may in fact become R. Daneel time, if I lift the network cable up off the floor.

7:08 PM 3/2/2010
It is now Roomba Time. R. Daneel has pulled himself out from under the bed a few times now, without my help. Very proud of the little red scamp.

Am attempting to imagine my response if someone from apartment management accuses me of being the source of the cigarette butts that litter the area nearish my apartment (they belong to the troll next door, and anyone else who uses this particular area as a convenient smoking-spot, in point of fact). Am suspecting that my response will be along the lines of "No, I do not smoke and have never smoked; if you want to talk about any stray black hairpins, then you'll have me dead to rights!"

In related news, I saw a stray black hairpin outside, near my doorstep.

7:12 PM 3/2/2010
Stuck-under-bed count: 3.
Oh, honey, don't vacuum up your own power cord, honey.

7:14 PM 3/2/2010
4. This time he backed out immediately.

7:15 PM 3/2/2010
I keep forgetting to buy bleach.

7:27 PM 3/2/2010
Combining my use of hairpins and my habit of leaving them strewn about recklessly with my fixation on Altoids, and my reluctance to throw out those dear little boxes.

7:33 PM 3/2/2010
So we have the three noisiest things in my apartment happening at the same time: washer, R. Daneel, and music. Maybe I should even do dishes and bake something (water, oven fan) to round it all out.

I did find my wireless headset. \o/

8:01 PM 3/2/2010
R. Daneel has finished Roombulating (out of battery). Final count was 4 under-bed incidents that I observed. I find myself in the mood for salad. Washer on spin cycle. The extended-length co-ax has been strung with care from the general location of the outlet to the general location of the usual computer station, with its remainder still tidily coiled up. Will be moving router (eventually, as these things go) to better deal with its sudden loss of wirelessness, and the need to have it also plugged into the same UPS as the rest of everything.

Fireplace is on and feeling toasty.

My left little finger is still angry with me for some imagined slight, but that has improved from yesterday and the day before.

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