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This time, the icon's for me.

6:20 PM 3/3/2010
"Found Breaker had bad contact. Replaced Breaker." (Woohoo! No flickering!!!!)

7:10 PM 3/3/2010
It's time for my annual temper tantrum on the topic of security by obscurity. Please be advised that I have duly sworn and shouted in my living room. Thank you.

8:57 PM 3/3/2010
Still no flickering. I may actually be able to use my computer again, you guys.

Today's funtimes:
1) Realize how bad the power situation was, no, for reals
2a) Clean up to make me not die of humiliation upon inviting in Apartment Complex People
2b) Write a heck of a lot of good clean draft on Circle of Fire, introducing an important plot point Much Better
3a) Report the Power Situation
4a) Hang out in the apartment complex clubhouse
4b) Write quite a bit more good clean draft
3b) Explain more about the Power Situation to the nice young man in my apartment as I got ready for...
5) Walkies with aunt and dogs
6) Trader Joe's with aunt; "Poodle: Stop humping!" count: 1
7) Home! WITH STEADY SWEET POWER. I am charmed. I can also set the sensitivity on my UPS back to something more alert than STONED OUT OF MY GOURD MAN.

12:11 AM 3/4/2010
Still no flickering. *sings happily*

8) Supper. Yay!
9) Computer.
10) SHUT UP WOMAN GET ON MY HORSE. (Bedtime call with Kat.)
11) Computer.

12:21 AM 3/4/2010
I am at 815 support points, in position 227 on the LJ Support High Scores list, page 3. Another ~300 points, and I'll be on page 2. (Will I ever be page 1? Maybe. Will I see Support freshmen work through the grades and wind up above me? Time and time again. Will I be active in my slow, deliberate, off-again-on-again way, long after some of them depart? G-ds only know. At least some.)

12:25 AM 3/4/2010
I am soaking in this blink-free power experience. I thought it was just the problems of living in California. HI, WOMAN. Then I thought that based on the UPS, there was an actual problem. Now I know. Yeah. Problem.

12:26 AM 3/4/2010
More identities used in the same method of operations that yesterday's featured sexual harrassment troll uses:

1:16 AM 3/4/2010
Dear Linksys, you are so tempting...

1:25 AM 3/4/2010
so Madman's wireless NIC is working fine. Madman's wired NIC, not working so fine (he does not appear to see it, despite cable being plugged in and LIGHT BEING ON IN THE THING INSIDE HIS BOX WHERE THE CABLE IS STICKING OUT). Connected to Linksys (bless whoever hasn't set up their security) to download Windows updates, try to find driver for "unknown". >_<

oh you guys. Thank you for keeping me sane; thank you for helping me with my job search; thank you for being there.

1:45 AM 3/4/2010
OK, so "unknown" is a different card, and the built-in NIC is not being acknowledged at all. Great. This is just brilliant. But at least there's the wireless, and I believe that the thingy has a USB port. (lol USB networking.)

1:52 AM 3/4/2010
If it were just a bad cable, it would show up, right? Though just to be sure, I can try a Known Good one.

1:55 AM 3/4/2010
Oh hello, have made with the rebooty, and seeing the amber light flash, not just the green one on solid.

2:44 AM 3/4/2010
hi. dumbfuck uninstalled the wireless NIC on her desktop, thinking that it was extraneous. dumbfuck has not got her wired NIC working. wondering if there is a motherfucking IRQ conflict, motherfucker.

Dumbfuck is currently looking up drivers for the motherfucking D-Link USB wireless adapter, it being something where the motherfucking model number is perhaps motherfucking visible. (dumbfuck)

2:48 AM 3/4/2010
Dumbfuck has found the correct fucking driver. Dumbfuck thinks. Dumbfuck pretty sure that flash is a stupid choice for websites. Hey, D-Link, your website is all modern and shit. When your customers are having quiet and profane hysterics about their computer problems, your shitty fucking hugeass website adds to their bad day, not subtracts from it. Assume that the people in your tech support section are browsing from some piece of fucking shit computer last updated in 1998 because they can't get their hands on anything else. Savvy?

2:55 AM 3/4/2010
Looks like *that* NIC is installed. (please, one of my friends who is allowed to touch me, just slap me next time I propose to mess about with a computer.)

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