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50 first reactions (shallow survey)

Ganked off a bored person on my friendslist. Mine features a lot of R.E.M. lyrics.

This is called 50 FIRST REACTIONS. Type what comes to your mind FIRST whenever you see these 50 words. Don't think, and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random it is, just type it!

Repost it for all of your (bored) friends.

1. Beer: ew
2. Food: potato and bacon soup with sourdough bread, in a refrigerator near me!
3. Relationships: never
4. Your CRUSH: I've got my mind I've got my orange crush
6. Life: and how to live it
8. Yummy: oh dear, mental image of a blonde with chocolate. I AM SHALLOW AND I'M NOT EVEN THAT INTO BLONDES.
9. Cars: I want a Saab.
10. Movies: fun to watch with my aunt
11. Halloween: Oh hey Seanan's [seanan_mcguire] new book, I need that
12. Sex: hahaha no.
13. Art: gouache on watercolor paper
14. Hate: curled up in a ball
15. Fear: crying on the floor (those two go together)
16. Marriage: see sex, relationships. (if he liked it, he would have put a ring on it.)
17. Blondes: apparently I think of myself as a gentleman. sure ain't a lady.
18. Slippers: need new ones but the socks are nice (but the socks shed)
19. Shoes: but I like the beat-up sneakers.
20. Asians: I feel a jolt of homecoming at the sound of people speaking Mandarin Chinese. San Francisco is good for me.
21. Pastime: Bejeweled
22. One-night stand: I should look up the etymology of which came first, the music tour term or the sex term.
23. Death: (hook, where is thy fish?) (no, not going to kill myself this month)
24. Smoke: incense not cigarettes
25. Fantasy: published someday
26. College: faaaaaaaailure (but good friends)
27. High school life: Shawn.
28. Pyjamas: I need a sewing machine.
29. Stars: I sent your forgiveness to Pluto, but that's not far enough. I wish I could forgive you today.
30. Centre: When I hear that Fergie song, I change the station or turn off the radio.
31. Alcohol: some of the best times are drinking with JD.
32. The word love: I say "beloved" like it's a prayer, but I almost never say "I love you". I was never taught to say it.
33. Friends: keep me sane
34. Money: job job job job job jobjobjob
35. Heartache: another heart is cracked in two; I'm on your back. (decisions, distance; see hate and fear.)
36. Time: is the fire in which we burn. (I associate it with Dr. Soran, not the poet.)
37. Divorce: thank g-d we were never married, that dumb fuck.
39. Undies: not bloodstained
40. Parents: I should email
41. Babies: change a baby, comfort the dying, program a computer, split wood...
42. Ex: dead manta problems. (yes, ex_deadmanta129043094 )
43. Song: earworms
44. Color: blue
45. Weddings: I want a shiny sparkly diamond ring even if I never do. I know how it looks.
46. Pizza: breadmaker. so good.
47. Hangout: I miss the Northernmost Denny's (I miss the Neutral Denny's, and I've never been there)
48. Rest: it's "rusted"; I've always heard that lyric wrong.
49. Goal: die another day (no day but today)
50. Inspiration: overplayed song; instant earworm

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