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Now I lay me down to dream / protected by the spamsquish team.

8:02 AM 3/4/2010
Perhaps I've been awake a bit too long.

3:36 AM 3/5/2010
Over at JD's with coffee and Irish Cream. (Not Bailey's, but some other random brand.)

3:42 AM 3/5/2010
Still traumatized by "vajazzling" even though I'd heard of it before this week.

Oh Firefox. Why you so slow? (Being on a computer from 2004 may well be part of it.)

4:33 AM 3/5/2010
There's nothing like hanging out and chattering about stuff. Very glad that JD does not set off my "People" alarm.

5:13 AM 3/5/2010
We have switched to coke and amaretto. how glad am I that my signature drink is also liked by the little bro? pretty glad.

let's see how much i can get out of the queue.

6:12 AM 3/5/2010
Nothing out of the queue yet, but I have made a dent in my by-the-gods inbox.

7:08 AM 3/5/2010
That's actually kind of a big dent.

10:30 AM 3/5/2010
Back home. Engaged in deep thought. Discovered that desktop had, in my absence, gone to sleep (as is the norm), but responded sluggishly to pokes of the mouse and keyboard, without HDD indicator flashing: the same symptoms reported last time. Rebooted; did not get the Windows Is Loading screen fully on the monitor (it was fading in) before it rebooted. Last Known Good got the same treatment. Woe. Woe *ass*.

Will let him sit for a while. At least I now have a UPS between him and the wall.

10:39 AM 3/5/2010
This makes me massively unhappy.

On the other hand, the staying-in-and-drinking-with-JD last -- er, this morning -- that was very good. Did not manage to make it to TV night. Managed, well afer midnight, to head over to JD's with ground coffee, a bottle of cock-cola, the last of the Irish Cream, and the amaretto. We chatted about this and that.

12:34 PM 3/5/2010
Time for some nap.

11:50 PM 3/5/2010
830 Support points.

12:57 AM 3/6/2010
This evening was good times: went on walk with aunt, looked at her computer, did research on the topic of Mac malware, found a program with a trial mode that did not appear to be malware itself, ran it, located 3 tracking cookies. Dinner: salmon with sauce, salad, garlic-cheesy-bread. Garlic-cheesy-bread with butter and honey is actually really really good. Ginger tisane. Movie (Bucket List). Poodle: Stop Humping count: 1: it's exciting when Mommy puts the bowls with the salmon skin and juices down in the sunroom.

Discovered tab order problem in sitescheme quick reply on Mac in Firefox for both LiveJournal and Dreamwidth; filed support requests for both, cross-linked.

3:15 AM 3/6/2010
Writing a thing about documentation of FOSS culture to welcome n00bs. Now, the bed.

2:52 PM 3/6/2010
(perhaps I was more tired than I thought)

4:17 PM 3/6/2010
Best age warning ever:
"This website is full of alcohol. To get into it, you need to be of legal drinking age in your country. It has to be a real country too, not a made up one."

4:24 PM 3/6/2010
It looks so huggable:

1:07 AM 3/7/2010
Now I lay me down to dream
Protected by the spamsquish team.
[...this code to take]

10:25 AM 3/7/2010
Not sure if I am entirely coherent yet.

11:08 AM 3/7/2010
Someone cannot talk because he is getting rained on. (heeee)

1:47 PM 3/7/2010
Awake again.

2:36 PM 3/7/2010
Hair is at least briefly loose. Looking critically at the ends. I could probably make it less Impossible by hacking off a good six inches.

2:56 PM 3/7/2010
Not participating in the "Six Weeks for Dreamwidth" thing; I am too invested and connected in LiveJournal to consider withdrawing lightly. (And I'm aware it's not "lightly" for those who have left long ago, who have just left, who are considering leaving, who are participating or considering; withdrawing from LJ would be nearly as significant to me as leaving a job rather than giving up Facebook for Lent.)

3:27 PM 3/7/2010
Still looking at hair. Hmm.

4:25 PM 3/7/2010
Off phone with best friend. Renfair was rained out. Dear boy, looking up at the sky and yelling "BRING IT ON" is in fact a very good way to get hailed on. Dorkface. <3

Shared the top two woes on my list. He was, as usual, very wise. His favorite bartender's last night at the usual karaoke bar was Friday, so they did "Take This Job and Shove It" in her honor. He got paged away for chores.

5:03 PM 3/7/2010
Snipped a good inch or two off the bottom of my hair, as this will make it far less Impossible.

5:05 PM 3/7/2010
Hope Steph gets back to me soonish.

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