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"Is this the first time you've been mistaken for ... ?" "YES."

7:04 PM 3/15/2010
Darkside to me: *tale of mistaken assumptions at a concert*
Me to Darkside: *howling with hilarity*
Darkside: *scowling*
Me to Dawn: *howling with hilarity*
Dawn to Darkside (via me): "YOU WILD MAN YOU, I NEVER KNEW"
Dawn to me: "Poor, poor baby." (About Darkside.)

7:33 PM 3/15/2010
Oh right, it was that conversation about the HAIL that got me thinking in the direction I was thinking.

In unrelated news, apparently "present her with the head" is insufficiently romantic/vengeful, and only the golf club will do.

4:33 AM 3/16/2010
So very madly in love and the tale of mistaken assumptions is still making me howl with hilarity in the morning.

7:55 AM 3/16/2010
Yep, still laughing.

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