Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

10:22 AM 3/16/2010
Constant earworm of the moment: "Getting Sentimental Over You", TMBG.
I do feel obliged to note that the lovefest from the previous entry was over the best friend, rather than the Mysterious Crush. No offense intended to the Mysterious Crush, who is a perfectly fine and upstanding entity and worthy of, I'm sure, much love and devotion. However, the Mysterious Crush does not have nine years and counting of history with me.

10:34 AM 3/16/2010
*eyyyyyyyebrow* Okaaaaaaay then. </cryptic>

10:35 AM 3/16/2010
Dear self, a stomach bug cannot be shared over the telephone.

1:33 PM 3/16/2010
Happy to report that best friend has not shared his stomach bug or whatever it is with me.

3:20 PM 3/16/2010
i am so sick of this i am ready to scream. when stuff is slow and not loaded all the way yet, i compose my comment in the quickreply, i push the button -- not just tab to it, but actually push it -- to comment -- and i get to talkmulti.bml and told that i need to select one of the options. hate. hate. hate.
this is what i get with the computer from 2004.

3:29 PM 3/16/2010
it was all the way loaded. it did it again. why.

4:51 PM 3/16/2010
And now I'm sniveling to Ursie. :\

5:28 PM 3/16/2010
Would be nice if this LJ release were going better.

6:52 PM 3/16/2010
Called a certain best friend a bit ago, chatted for a bit. Confessed that I, too, had independently thought of the Mistaken Assumptions, which was a large part of why I had found it so funny. He growled a bit on the theme of the Mistaken Assumptions being Very Mistaken Indeed. (Oh dear. Re-playing the tone of the snarl, I fear that I walked into the very trap that others had prepared for me re: Other Sensitive Topics. Oh dear.)

3:08 AM 3/17/2010
OMG, [personal profile] theresa, are you actually local?

1:13 PM 3/17/2010
That was an entertaining several rounds with my brain. Suffice to say that sometimes my brain is deeply unhelpful.

1:56 PM 3/17/2010
Reconnecting with ralmathon on ... MySpace. *doom*

2:09 PM 3/17/2010
Having reconnected on MySpace, we are now repairing to Facebook. :-P

2:31 PM 3/17/2010
"X is gay, so he's immune to Y's radioactive vagina, right?"

3:37 PM 3/17/2010
There will probably be Boozing later. I think I want a nap. Early lunatic was up early.

3:42 PM 3/17/2010
Thank you, everybody, for all the kind statements. My brain is even recognizing many of them as true!

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