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Picking up excitations

Oh, right, so the Good Vibrations party. It was scheduled to start around 6pm Thursday, so I determined that I would go, and planned my day a bit around it: I could just show up early for TV night, given that both TV night and GV are in the Mission.

I zipped off and dropped by the post office, finally getting stuff mailed off to my best friend in the universe.
I dropped by That Blue And Yellow Big Box, and picked up Disaster Area, and priced their replacement hard drives and notebook RAM. Compatible hardware, which might or might not be an upgrade, is in the $80-110 range, which is much better than the $200+ I was quoted. Their thing includes labor too, of course.
Have been meaning to drop by the grocery just where the road goes angled over the freeway. Did so, this time. Picked up an inexpensive finger-slicer, some curry sauce mix, a bamboo rolling mat, a packet of sushi nori, some seeds-and-salt seasoning, a small laundry basket for the bathroom.
Had dinner. Spent quality time writing on Circle of Fire.
Realized that the reason my car felt like a TARDIS was because the car clock was set an hour early: I hadn't changed it for the time change. I fixed that.

BARTed in to the city. Wound up at Good Vibrations just as the festivities were commencing.
Bopped around the store looking at stuff. Attempted to help blow up balloons that were purportedly penis-shaped; staff was having trouble inflating them. They looked more like boobies than penises. I stretched the balloon first. I also have decent lungs; two lungfuls got the balloon to look kind of heart-shaped. Third lungful popped the balloon. Mine was the first to pop, but not the last. An employee popped one within the next 30 seconds or so, then they went outside with balloons and more explosions came from out there. I belatedly realized that the balloons were supposed to have balls at the end, then a long shaft. Heart-shaped was OK too.
Eye was caught by Scully's hair on the video rack. Their Mulder was disappointingly not David Duchovny: I don't know if they got the hair right, but his nose is hard to fake, and he's not Mulder without the nose. I was peering at the "not Star Trek" when a cluster of People from the Internet walked in and over, and the girl with flowers in her hair exclaimed "Is that the Star Trek insignia I see!" or words to that effect, and was disappointed that there were no Orions portrayed on the box. Missed marketing opportunity! This developed into chatter. The crowd was showing the girl around the Mission, in an attempt to convince her to move to SF. This one guy, who seemed to be named Matt, and I, started up a conversation. He was not the one with the FSM shirt. The conversation ranged over a great number of topics; I mentioned lube/not-lube at one point. As they departed, he mentioned that he'd see me around.
Checked with JD about JD's planned arrival time. (JD had not really been considering this as a planned stop; but then there was the cake and champagne.) JD's planned arrival time was 2000; it was appx 1830. I decided to head for Borderlands.
While enjoying an iced tea and frowning at the current woes of Connie and Mike, my phone rang. Tif! I zipped outside the cafe to chat with her about logistics for the evening.
Just then, Matt and entourage showed up. Of course. On a tour of the Mission, if one is the right sort of geek/hipster, one naturally shows off Borderlands and the naked kitties. My ability to actually make sensible words come out my mouth to Tif abruptly tanked.
I did leave my email address with the dude.
JD arrived; Tif wasn't yet home. We agreed to meet up at Good Vibrations. There was champagne and cake and we hung out there for a bit before heading over to Tif's.
We watched some episodes of Heroes. Mr. Speaky-Cat was all over everyone and everything, and seemed miffed that both JD and [personal profile] jamoche had Laptop Lap.
Realized that there is more Mythbusters in Circle of Fire than I'd realized. Called Drewface. Traumatized him; apparently I am never to speak of the fanvid to Pansy Division's "James Bondage" again, especially not the bit with painted-gold Adam vs. the thermometer.

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