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Azz Reads A Local Habitation

So, I finally read A Local Habitation, which I'd been saving as a treat for myself. Have a reaction post! This is not so much a review as a braindump. (For those who aren't aware, seanan_mcguire is a part of my extended social circle and I like her and I like her writing, so I'm not the most objective reviewer out there, but it's good stuff anyway.)

(Spoilers abound.)

Oh, Toby. Getting wasted off your ass and having to be escorted home by Tybalt? Not particularly a smart move. However, it gives us (and you) a chance to see more of Tybalt, and that's what I would consider a good thing.

In case anyone was wondering, I ship Toby/Tybalt like woah. It matters not a whit to me that Toby is convinced that she and Tybalt have entered into a mutual loathing society, because I am firmly convinced that Tybalt is currently dipping her pigtails into the inkwell.

Silicon Valley is really not as horribly far away as all that if you were raised somewhere that's all spread out, but if you were SF-raised, I imagine it might be pretty far. Though Toby has a car. This may be one place where the author is rubbing off a little on the character.

The little girl reminds me ever so slightly of that hologram from the Umbrella Corporation.

So there I am reading along, and the fact that Toby doesn't know this guy's blood makes me very suspicious, and the fact that she went along with his "no cheating" ... oh, Toby, you are very smart on some other things, but sometimes you are so very stupid.

Also, the fact that her minion hates the dude, and she hates the dude's sister ... this is CLEARLY a race that is all about the sex games. I don't know my mythical creatures well enough to say *what* they are.

And his schedule and his sister's are opposite? And no-one sees them in the same place?

DING DING DING, I think we have a ringer, it is probably the same person, and who the hEll knows whether that's the murderer too!! Very exciting.

Mathsie cried, I know, but I don't know more than that.

That is a really clever way to keep delivery people out of your secret underground underhill lair.

Oh, good people, one does not split up in the horror movie. :D

Hee! I called it on that changeling! Didn't call it on the murderer, alas! But I am OK with that.

Mathsie is a more sensitive soul than I am. This is okay. If I was not braced for bawling, I would have been crying too. Poor April. Poor Alex. That has got to be terrible. I am eager to meet Toby's crazy mother!

I enjoyed it. I will read it again.

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