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Three earworms make a post.

12:30 AM 3/20/2010
Emailed best friend to let him know that 4/5 of our old college gang are now on Facebook together, he being the 5th. This is, however, unlikely to net him into the Facebook thing, he not being a fan. (You may deliver any peanuts, trout, or other compensations for that last statement to my journaling service inbox, on your preferred iteration of journaling service that I actually use.)

8:29 AM 3/20/2010
La la la it is morning. Have commenced reading the epic photo-story (not sure if it's captioned), wherein Potter, Twilight, the X-Files, and apparently drugs collide in as portrayed by a bunch of Barbies, and apparently some Beanie Babies too, but they have yet to show up in the first episode.

9:13 AM 3/20/2010
I have "The King of Disco" in my head. I was blasting it, um. Thursday? when I was driving to the BART station (because it randomly came up on Fruitz and it is awesome) and now it is in my head. The cure for this? Retrieving Fruitz from where I set it when pulled it out of my pocket very early Friday morning and playing it again. (Let's dance all night 'cause this is San Francisco)

5:09 PM 3/20/2010
Life in #lj_userdoc is sometimes ... surreal ... when it's not an active doccing party.

16:37 trixieleitz :D
16:39 trixieleitz btw, Kat, LOVE YOU TOO
16:43 MissKat <#
16:43 MissKat ICECREAM
16:43 trixieleitz :P
16:43 trixieleitz <)
16:43 trixieleitz cake
16:44 MissKat cC>
16:44 MissKat Double scoop
16:44 Azz|Eee dying giggling
16:44 trixieleitz (o)(o)
16:44 Azz|Eee
16:45 MissKat ~oC> scoop with a cherrrrrryyyy
16:46 trixieleitz hmm, either my computer's clock has changed or LJ's setting is wrong
16:46 trixieleitz goes to investigate
16:46 MissKat And the #userdoc crowd makes it clear that they've been paying attetion <3
16:48 trixieleitz my clock is on the right timezone, including the daylight savings setting
16:49 trixieleitz <} cake with icing
16:49 trixieleitz <}=~ cake with icing and a candle
16:49 trixieleitz :D
16:52 MissKat We are a creative bunch!
16:53 trixieleitz ))) a creative bunch of bananas :D
16:53 trixieleitz B A N A N A S
16:53 MissKat OOO <-- lovely bunch of coconuts
16:53 trixieleitz 00 <--melons!
16:53 MissKat (dee deedle dee)
16:53 trixieleitz [me] <- box of Trix
16:54 MissKat No, melons --> (o) (o)
16:54 trixieleitz :D
16:54 MissKat snerks
16:55 trixieleitz (*)(*) perky melons with pasties
16:56 MissKat \o/ ^o
16:56 MissKat Er
16:56 MissKat \o/ ^o^ |o_ /o\
16:56 MissKat Y M C A
16:56 trixieleitz :D
16:58 MissKat <-- nerrrrrrrrrrrrrd
16:59 trixieleitz [Kat] <-Schroedinger's cat
16:59 trixieleitz <- geeeeeeeek
16:59 trixieleitz lets Kat out of the box [Kat/
17:03 MissKat purrs and eats trixie's chickens
17:03 trixieleitz pouts
17:03 MissKat "eats" trixie's "chickens"
17:03 MissKat puts on 70's porno soundtracks and starts dancing
17:04 trixieleitz tries to think of a pussy joke
17:04 Azz|Eee pets Kat
17:04 trixieleitz offers Kat a o~
17:05 trixieleitz lights some candles =~ =~ =~ =~
17:05 MissKat A... sperm?
17:05 trixieleitz cherry, m'dear :)
17:05 MissKat AZZZ HELP
17:05 trixieleitz you started it :P
17:05 MissKat ~oC> <-- ice cream with a sperm on top
17:06 trixieleitz O_O
17:06 MissKat (semen is not lube)
17:06 trixieleitz nor is it a condiment
17:06 MissKat Well, if you're in Japan it is.
17:07 trixieleitz as long as it's not the feature ingredient
17:07 Azz|Eee ... I am NOT letting either of you at my jar of mayo.
17:07 trixieleitz >_>
17:07 trixieleitz are you suuuuure it's mayo?
17:08 trixieleitz "makes" "mayo"
17:08 Azz|Eee I haven't taken it to the mayo clinic to have it checked out, but I am pretty sure I know the taste difference...
17:08 trixieleitz :D

10:17 AM 3/21/2010
Perhaps it's easy to spend a large chunk of your morning documenting your earworms of the moment. Mine at [community profile] earwormhole: James Bondage and Bad Romance.

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