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Universes do that, you know.

9:23 AM 3/22/2010
Best friend got shirts. Yay! :D

11:05 AM 3/22/2010
When I was driving back from Campbell, I saw a pair of Canada geese walking down the sidewalk, as casual as you please.

5:13 PM 3/22/2010
Put finishing touches on the essay, posted.

11:35 PM 3/22/2010
One of the sneaky things of sneakiness that I do: if I like a piece of fic, I will comment to it, because I am a permanent/seed user, and I have that thing where I get emailed a copy of every comment I make. Since the comment copy includes context, this includes a copy of the fic. Which I then helpfully label "fanfic" in my gmail. So not only have I left a few words to brighten the day of the author, I have a copy saved in case the original ever goes poof. This makes me happy. And hopefully the feedback I left makes the author happy.

7:35 AM 3/23/2010
("I picked him up pumping gas down on Castro!") (oh dear g-ds it is in my HEAD, why do songs I like that I have maybe only listened to twenty or thirty times in the past week get in my HEAD?)

1:39 AM 3/24/2010
Today: Free cone day at Ben & Jerry's. Went out later than I wanted to leave, caught BART, intended to catch bus. Fretted. Managed to completely not get which direction the bus was actually to go from the map, called JD in a tizzy, got pointed correctly (still upstairs of the BART station, didn't actually take wrong bus). Meanwhile, the Timely Bus had left the stop, to my Great Dismay. Waited for next bus. Arrived at Haight & Ashbury. Located JD, Teshi, and that-couple-who-we-all-met-through-Ursie-and-I-don't-know-if-they-have-internet-handles-or-not. Those four had already got their cones, but the line was fast. They walked with me through the line, but stopped short of going in a second time. We then strolled down through a park, past a DMV, and in the general direction of a bus stop, where we all parted ways: them for home, us for a bus that would take us to the Castro. I picked up some of the rose gelato that I have been craving for weeks. Carefully husbanded, it should last me a while.

The boys went their way and I went mine. Before hopping on BART for home, I picked up some produce at one of the little grocery stores around the neighborhood. $3 can get you an AMAZING amount of produce in the right season. I had wanted a cucumber and an avacado. I got three cucumbers, two avacadoes, and two bundles of asparagus. Happiness!

On the way back home, as often happens, I got smacked with a sudden insight about the Cracked Phoenix universe. I've been discovering that I am in fact writing in a viable AU, and not just a universe that is like our own except that magic works there, and no-one has actually met any of the characters who inhabit it. In the AU, we've already established, in order:
* Magic works (duh, that point was necessary for the universe to work) (let's not talk about what happens in non-consensus reality in *this* universe...)
* Mike likes Raistlin/Crysania smut
* there is a lot of Raistlin/Crysania smut (first major point of differentiation)
* Dragonlance is a big fic fandom (major point of differentiation)
* Mythbusters is a different-shaped fandom
* Mythbusters has a lot of fic and other fanworks

So on my way home, I was thinking that if there are fandoms from our universe that are not All That in theirs, there must of course be fandoms from our universe that never really caught on in theirs (I think Harry Potter enjoys a moderate-sized fandom, but there was never actual Pottermania, but I would have to check that with them to make sure), and even fandoms that don't even exist in ours.

"Like what?" I asked myself.
"Well, like Darkside Knightmares, for one," Mike and another part of my brain answered.

*facepalm* Hi, world. Apparently the anime that sithjawa and I were being silly and outlining actually exists in their universe. HOW IS THIS MY LIFE.

8:45 PM 3/24/2010
Sushi night! Homemade, of course, featuring avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, and smoked salmon (all hail Trader Joe's, purveyor of inexpensive little packets of smoked salmon!)

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