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2:15 AM 3/28/2010
Woops. I was having the thirst and not sure why, and then I recalled, woops, sausage for supper! Which probably had assorted preservatives! So I took 600mg of vitamin C, and I'm no longer feeling so incredibly thirsty. Go, me.

2:32 AM 3/28/2010
Apparently using the face-goo diluted in order to get the last out of the old bottle and then switching to a new, full-strength bottle really makes a difference. Even the precursor to chemical burns on the face are not welcome. My face felt very dried-out and nasty. I had not yet tossed the old bottle, so I put a little more in there and diluted it (not as much as the last batch was, but some) so I can ramp back up. Meanwhile, I can still use the regular-strength goo on other, non-face areas with unhappy pores.

2:35 AM 3/28/2010
I have been taking to bringing the palmtop to bed with me, in case I have some random idea hit me in the middle of the night. Last night, I didn't get random ideas, but did get a nightmare about a person I loathe from the bottom of my soul (disadvantage: doesn't listen to good advice: 30 points; disadvantage: meddled with aiji: irredeemable; disadvantage: hurt those in my man'chi: irredeemable) stepping up their previous offenses a notch further and really ruining my month, even though they're no longer actually in a position with the power to harm me or mine. Thanks for the thought, subconscious. However, this was a garden-variety nightmare, only leaving me cranky after I woke up (and sending things to hEll in IRC), versus January's sobbing-eight-hours-later.

10:55 AM 3/28/2010
Oh, huh, is this a case of delayed reaction? If so, that's a pretty seriously delayed reaction. However, given that I was in shock for the majority of the fallout, I suppose I'm due it.

12:41 PM 3/28/2010
Having trouble with the door.

1:41 PM 3/28/2010
Still having trouble with door; closer.

2:00 PM 3/28/2010
Hey, people who use Facebook? If you want Facebook to never show you a particular person again, block them. Go to the profile you never want to see, and click the link or button or whatever it is to block them. The X in the corner of the suggested friend only closes that recommendation for now. It does not stop Facebook from recommending that person to you again. Bonus: when this person is someone you know but don't like, that means that they can't contact you.

Sadly, there is so far no way to block a particular person on your Facebook friends list from sending you fan page recommendations, nor a way to block a particular fan page from being recommended to you. I am confident that this is an oversight on their part, and that multiple other people will also send in suggestions to fix this oversight.

2:17 PM 3/28/2010
Called aunt. She's having trouble getting out of bed, let alone the door. Rescheduled for tomorrow. \o/

2:04 AM 3/29/2010
Earwormed: IT'S A GOD. DAMN. ARMS. RACE!!
And speaking of earworms, it's mostly me and [personal profile] cadenzamuse top-level in [community profile] earwormhole these days. DW users! DW users who get earwormed! Go forth! Share the earworms! You don't have to do it up all proper like I like to, share away!

9:47 AM 3/29/2010
Dreamed that I was moving out of the House of No Pants and Lyssa was moving also (and "all the rest of" everyone, though my brain didn't actually include Stevie or Ferrell even so much as extras, they were just implied sort of loosely) and in with Tif and Steph, and that Tif and Steph had gotten engaged or something and Steph was wearing a ring of Tif's that I don't think Tif actually has in real life (it matched that Betsey Johnson cat necklace and earrings) and flashed her hand at me in explanation of all this ("We're *sharing* a *bed*!" said Tif), and Steph's mother was Hovering About, and there was some sort of This Is Not Quite A Scene thing that happened. Also that I was waiting for some mail but it was getting delivered to a weird place, that there was a lot of driving about in a pickup truck, that I still needed to move my clothes and there was not room for them (I don't have all that many clothes compared with some people, but apparently we were living in something the size of a dorm room), that Elliot wasn't moving with us, that there was a school of magicians and their sigil was three candles crossed, and that two gay men and I went into a bathroom with the intent to have an orgy, and that while we were having our orgy, someone slipped in for some reason and saw us and slipped out again, and the guy that I was mostly having sex with (who was not!Drew) changed the logo to three crossed wands, which allowed for orgies in the bathtub, apparently. IDK.

2:42 PM 3/29/2010
Age of Sail anonymous kink meme ahoy:

12:24 AM 3/30/2010
Today's funtimes: went on a walk with my aunt, did dinner (I made salad, she made chicken noodle soup, with whole wheat penne), then she knitted and I finished reading Lamb. She dropped me back home, and I went on a Safeway run. It's sprinkling a bit out there. Had the door open for a bit. Given what tonight is, I might see if I have any wine.

1:45 AM 3/30/2010
Ahh, metaquotes: in which Yvi explains assorted variables.

2:16 AM 3/30/2010
One of the things from tonight's shopping trip: milk and creamer. I priced things, and milk was the cheapest, creamer was the second cheapest, and creamer has a longer refrigerator life. I am trying to get myself back into the coffee-or-tea habit, because they contain caffeine, and if I am in fact ADD or ADHD, this would be a good thing for me to be on.

4:00 AM 3/30/2010
Got earwormed in #dreamwidth by Rowan mentioning asthma, and the treadmill-thing to trigger an attack. Background music started playing in my head, hardly noticeable -- and then, quite some time later, I noticed it. "Huh, Oingo Boingo?" Yes, indeed, it was -- "Running On A Treadmill".

2:38 PM 3/30/2010
"Bad Romance" in my head again.

9:11 PM 3/30/2010
Sleep schedule weird again, also funtimes with pain. Went to bed around 5am. Woke up around 1pm. Laid down with the owie at 5pm. I'm just barely awake again.

11:09 AM 3/31/2010
Awake, having put myself to bed at some ghastly morning hour. Will probably wind up reading for a while, as my brain's not quite on.
Have been getting the desktop to boot intermittently, then shutting it off before it starts getting Bad. Thus I was able to play Bejeweled, read things non-slowly, and get some Mythbusters-watching in. They have a handful of episodes, most with big booms, on their site. Emailed best friend (at some other appalling hour) to let him know I was watching those.

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