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TV shows of the moment

TV Shows I Am Watching, for the benefit of Certain Best Friends who Periodically Interrogate Me About These Things:

Currently-running shows, at Tif's with the gang:
(sometimes) The Vampire Diaries
(sometimes) The Mentalist
(new to me) White Collar
(I could become fannish about this) Fringe

Potentially with JD:

Group Re-Watches (at Tif's with the gang)
Twin Peaks
Profit (I think we have all watched the entirety of this now)
(sometimes) So Notorious

Group Re-Watches (at Tif's without JD)

Group Re-Watches (with JD)
Arrested Development

With my aunt:
Red Dwarf
Random things off Netflix
Assorted videos she bought at some sale or other

Need To Find Someone To Watch With, For Srs:
Mythbusters (watching a handful of the episodes from the website by myself is entertaining but lonely)

Should Probably Commence Watching On My Lonesome:
Bones (because I will get no peace from Certain Best Friends, and it does sound like fun)
Dollhouse (because I started it and I do like what I've seen so far despite it having all kinds of skeevy consent issues)
Buffy (when I can find the discs)
Dark Angel

none at the moment

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