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9 tweets for 2010-4-3

In the last 24 hours, I posted the following to Twitter:
  • Saturday, 0700: @safeway No kfp coke at the San Francisco location on Market St either. :(
  • Saturday, 1956: Ow. :( Forgot to eat & skipped a meal, woke up in the middle of sleep cycle stomach hurting, afraid it's going to lead to *woe*. :(
  • Saturday, 2003: @nbelitz Gotten. Staying vertical for a bit. Still feeling woeful, though. :(
  • Saturday, 2040: Woe. :( Now maybe I can sleep.
  • Saturday, 2130: :( Continued woe.
  • Sunday, 0011: :( :( :( still unwell.
  • Sunday, 0049: @fairlight777 I should have eaten something before bed. I didn't. by the time I did, my stomach was v. irritated with me. my fault. :(
  • Sunday, 0310: oh lookit this. Two hours and change past time to leave, and *now* I wake up all chipper and Ready to Have Fun.
  • Sunday, 0554: Back from Amazing Adventures Out! Got to meet Fey & consort, had ginger ale misadventures, mango strawberry ice cream.

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