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A few days' worth of doings

6:42 PM 4/1/2010
Back from walk with aunt! Enjoyable. (The poodle and Deacon were both there; the poodle was humping Deacon as my aunt dropped me off. My aunt separated them, but not before some very noxious poodle-farts made the vehicle briefly uninhabitable.) (The poodle doesn't get to hump Deacon at all anymore because Deacon's joint health is getting dodgier, and that's just not on.)

2:59 AM 4/2/2010
Called best friend before going zzzthunk. The "We're *all* going to *die*!" thing is apparently a tradition in this game for battles, to help ensure that all characters are alive by the end of the game.

9:43 AM 4/2/2010
I make an effort to get in touch with my best friend in some fashion every April Fool's Day, whether or not that day is actually on our regular contact schedule. It may be silly to call something "our holiday" when there's no "us" besides the best friends thing (and yes, "best friends" is probably less-accurate given that I spend more overall time talking with MissKat these days, and I know he has people he's closer to than he is with me ... but it's as good a description for him and me as any.) but it very much is ours; we share it, we bond over it, we have history. (Similarly, Mythbusters is our show. If they cancel it, we'll both be very upset.)

2:34 AM 4/4/2010
Friday: My sleep schedule is turning around again. Woke up ~4pmish. Left ~5:30ish to go on a Shopping Expedition with Tif, starting at Daiso, meandering through the mall food court before winding up at Denny's, bludgeoning through Target, and then on to Safeway, before getting what was by my calculation 42 pounds of kitty litter and 48 cans of soda up her horrible little stairs. (The fact that I didn't use my cane *at all* on the outing may have had some input on the "horrible little stairs" bit.) Then we mostly wrapped up the game-chatter conversation, and I went home, to be ambushed on the way home with a Brilliant Idea (if one expands the scheduled post concept to include things that don't post without certain events, and include "other things in the draft queue of this journal, this community, or this clustered group of journals/comms that I control", plus the "these are journals that I control", that could be a Very Useful Feature. And then my headset died as I was calling Tif to explain. So I get home, grab the "underwater" wired headset, and call, and reboot, and no sooner do I get back into IRC than Fairlight ambushes me. And then I talked with Sophie until OMG in the morning (after it was light out). And then I crashed.

2:39 AM 4/4/2010
Saturday: You may have noticed the lack of "and ate more than a small package of pocky when I got home", and/or "ate something and crashed". I clean forgot. So I woke up around noon in stomach pain from entirely forgetting to eat more than one meal the day before. Inevitable and tedious and woeful details ensued, and by the time I should have been leaving for dinner with [personal profile] foxfirefey, her consort, and portions of the SF DW crowd, I was fortunately no longer wracked with tedious and woeful details, but instead sound asleep.

I woke up around 8pm, rested and perky, and managed to get to the restaurant just as everyone was finishing up. I also managed to outsmart myself, and in a glorious Bad Physics moment, filled my shiny little aluminum water bottle with ginger ale. When I tried to open it, it blew, and (as I later saw in better light) dislodged the seal. So (without my knowledge) I had ginger ale pouring all over my tote bag. Fun for the whole family! We all said goodbye to Skud; Tif said goodbye to Skud's iPad. We split up into two vehicles, with one of the boys in each for navigational purposes, and headed for the ice cream shop. Great hilarity was had by all. I braved their Wheel of Fortune, and wound up with mango/strawberry. Durian was *not* on the Wheel of Fortune. As #dreamwidth conversations often do, the topic turned to the intersection of blasphemy and food. Tentacle ice-cream came up; so did bacon lube. The bus was coming, so people started heading home; I gave Tif a ride.

I may be able to hang out with my aunt tomorrow.

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