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Day-stuff, penguins, how to be helpful in dw_suggestions, and ABSOLUTE SCORCHING RAGE.

2:37 PM 4/15/2010
Woke up at midnight(!!), started fic that was like pulling things that did not want to come out of where they were, out of where they were, then went to the farmers market with my aunt, and after that to Trader Joe's. Then home to put away groceries, make sure my strawberries were washed and pre-shred my lettuce and wash it so it's all ready to be a salad. Then finish the fic. Yay, fic.

11:03 PM 4/15/2010
Verity, I was in Trader Joe's this morning, and they had penguin candies with jelly bellies in different colors. I have reasons to believe this is relevant to your interests.

(After I finished the fic, I started in on more housework, and then commenced upon a walk with my aunt, and then came back home. Realized that yeah, it was not a night for Out, and picked up a bake-at-home pizza. Baked it. Loathed myself, intermittently, for being such a fabulous disaster of a procrastinatrix. Prevailed. (This time. I predict I'll someday die of it.) Giggled in IRC with people.

I am on hour 23 of wakefulness. It's time for bed. It's 5am. You are listening to Los Angeles.

1:10 PM 4/16/2010
I adore the writing of Tycho of Penny Arcade for the richness and surreal beauty of his extended metaphors.
They boiled the flesh off of a beloved brand, suspending strange new textures and flavors in its thematic broth.
Know that I have a thunderhead of dark crows situated in the vicinity of every word spoken in regards to the industry, raw, jag-beaked birds, rough specimens that perch and hear ...

2:23 PM 4/16/2010
Something that just leaped out at me as the result of reading something, even though I don't think it applies in the thing I'm reading: if you're using "exotic" to describe anything, and you have a viewpoint character, make sure that it's not just "exotic" as it applies to the presumed reader, but to the viewpoint character as well.

This moment of "No, the world is actually a kind of big place" is brought to us by some "exotic spices" and a discussion from actually over a year ago now in #dw. As I recall it, some chatter about Blogging Fannish Racefail '08 was a bit too hot to handle, so it wound up chattering about (no surprise) food. Specifically, tasty local fruits that non-locals consider "exotic", and people's favorite fruits, and how to serve them most deliciously. And someone (probably Fu) said something along the lines of "Here, apples are the exotic fruit." And that stuck with me.

3:48 AM 4/17/2010
Dreams included some weird stuff involving San Francisco Muni trains going down the 19th Ave from Phoenix, and trying to get laundry from one end of town to a place not too far away, and instead accidentally staying on the train too far and going the wrong way, and getting wronger each time we tried to correct it. Also some claustrophobia-funtimes, like the emergency exit being a horrid feat of gymnastic wrongness that involved dodging a 3rd rail within the floor of the train. Plus more hills than 19th Ave actually has. Plus an old high school classmate hollering out my legal name at me. (Getting hollered at by name on the street is rare.)

7:41 AM 4/17/2010
And of course that makes me wonder about a dream tropes wiki, like unto TVTropes, sort of for dream interpretation and sort of just for the hey cool factor.

5:11 PM 4/17/2010
SO MUCH THIS. ([site community profile] dw_suggestions-related, but applies to any FLOSS feature request forum in a FLOSS environment where development on the main project is open to any competent contributors.)

5:37 PM 4/17/2010
Oh, how I loathe dry eyes. With a PASSION! Many passions.

7:06 PM 4/17/2010
Got earwormed by IRC yet again:

11:18 PM 4/17/2010
Went Out in search of pudding. Came back with pudding but a reduced need to have pudding tonight right now om nom nom. The pudding (instant, in boxes) will keep! Also handy: testing milk for freshness in a shotglass. Exceptionally cute: when the shotglass is a miniature plastic drinking glass. (Hooray for IKEA.)

6:19 AM 4/18/2010
This is not okay:
I do not have words for how not okay this is.
The County of Sonoma in California split up a couple, in a tragic and infuriating instance of institutionalized homophobia and elder abuse.

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