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Glambert == Mythbuster!??!

[This time, the secret meaning to the "bomb tech" icon is that I need a proper Mythbusters/explosions icon. Though I suppose the XKCD Bad Idea icon comes close.]

7:04 AM 4/18/2010
Have joined [community profile] bunny_support, though mine come in CRACKY FLOCKS sometimes.

7:15 AM 4/18/2010
Okay, I have no idea what these little gummy things are, but they're not actually penguins. See, penguins do have eyes, and little stubby wings, and feet, and cute little bellies, but penguins have *a beak*. They do not have a nose and a great big smile. Perhaps it's time for another bewildered letter about accuracy in packaging.

They're sweeter than your average gummy bear.

7:54 AM 4/18/2010
So I was reading and I started wondering, how could Wesley Crusher have been actively awesome, without changing the entire premise of Star Trek: TNG?

11:17 PM 4/18/2010
Chatted with Dawn for nearly two hours about NOT LUBE and other forms of entertainment.

6:12 AM 4/19/2010
Some crankiness kicked off by reading

There's a specific type of coping-with-the-world mechanism that others use that makes me bristle when I run into it. It's the Excess/Forced Positive Perspective.

I get that people want to dwell on the things that make them happy, and look for awesome in the world, but there are a couple things.
1) Sometimes the outward-broadcasting OMG WOW THIS IS SUCH A WONDERFUL WORLD LOOK I AM SO BLESSED crosses the line from "this is happy and I am sharing it" to "LOOK AT ME, DON'T YOU WISH YOU WERE ME/HERE, YOU'RE ALL GOING TO BE SO ENVIOUS, IT'S GOOD TO BE KING". And that is where your squee turns into harshing my contentment.
2) Sometimes it resembles affirmations done in public, of the sort that are "I wish this were true and I am stating that it is true to make it happen" rather than "this is true according to c'thia and not just in my own head". Saying something is currently true when it isn't doesn't make it true, it just makes you crazy. If you start to believe it, and it's still not true, you have just resigned your membership in the reality-based community, and please come back. (This is different than saying something that is actually true but that you don't believe on an emotional level, for example, "I am not a horrible person" is overwhelmingly likely to be true for anyone, and is certainly true of anyone who can read my locked stuff. If what you're struggling to make yourself believe is actually true, you just might start to believe it, and then you'll be joining the reality-based community again, and welcome back. <3 ) I do believe in the power of the human outlook to create change, but I prefer starting from c'thia and knowing that the change can become true with the right leverage and the right fulcrum and the right amount of force.
Everybody has the right to be as crazy as they want to be (also as wacky as they want to be, but that's different), but when they start being crazy in the c'thia-denying way outside the privacy of their own head, sometimes I start backing away sloooowly. (And on the negative side of things: I grok the difference between "this is the depression/my crazy talking, and I am writing it down and letting it out so I have it on record and I can examine it" and not knowing the difference between depression/crazy-induced crazy and actual reality, and the latter is what scares me when it comes to depressive-talk: the divorce from reality and not realizing what the something that's wrong with this picture actually is.)

10:23 AM 4/19/2010
Writing an author's note in the form of a FAQ file for the back of Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor, because the novel as-is has an ensemble character who's some form of transgendered or similar (she's young enough that her whole personality hasn't finished forming, and she's not the typical case for a transwoman) and the novel itself doesn't even bring up things that the average YA-aged reader is unlikely to know about trans issues unless they're trans themselves or have had other reason to be studying LGBTQ issues. And if someone wants to read it (assuming it gets published) in isolation and not avail themselves of the resources, fine, but I would not be comfortable allowing writing of mine that has such a (basically) cheerful dismissal of real and important trans issues to go out in the wild without some form of easy-access resources in the same volume. (An ensemble character who has multiple Problems is convinced by an important person in their life to consider presenting as a girl, and to her surprise, she finds that she is more comfortable that way.)

12:19 PM 4/19/2010
Basically, I have no problems with having a trans character in the ensemble of a lighthearted comedy and to treat her no differently than the rest of the cast, because it's not a story about her and the difficulties she's facing, but because it's such a major issue for people who are transgendered, and particularly since she's not a typical transwoman, I don't want to have the novel taken as Miss Cisgender Privilege Thang attempting to represent all transwomen via her (omg no) and I want someone who's just casually picked the book up to be able to answer some of their questions in the back of the book without having to JFGI (lack of availability of immediate internet, internet usage monitored, not wanting to explain researching these things to Concerned Parents or Concerned School Censors).

12:25 PM 4/19/2010
Located fascinating comm. Introduced myself. Introduced lubenotlube. Pulled some of the examples found there and put them into the base.

12:49 PM 4/19/2010
3) Sometimes I can hear the screaming.
Sometimes (not always but sometimes) a constant barrage of "I cannot believe how blessed I am, I am surrounded by joy and abundance" from someone, someone who is constantly putting a positive spin on their life, but who quite obviously has Major Shit Going Down in it? Sounds more like a tortured cry for help than people who say "you know, this rather sucks" calmly, and sometimes even more than the people who say "omg this sucks and I am at the end of my rope and I don't know how to make it better and I don't know how to ask for help". It scares me.

And you know, it's their life, and they do what they have to do with it, but if the positive upbeat whatever is a front to keep others from realizing that stuff is really that bad and keep them from worrying? It does not always work, and may in fact be counterproductive.

1:22 PM 4/19/2010
(edited for relevant and context)

[13:22] thewhiteowl>
[13:22] thewhiteowl> don't try this at home, kids
[13:31] Azz> oh dear, now I have this mental image of Adam Savage (@donttrythis) trying to write with one of those (in silver, on blue paper).
[13:31] exor674> Azz: while on fire?
[13:32] Azz> while on fire.
[13:33] Azz> (the marker on fire, not Adam)
[13:33] exor674> aw but flaming adams sound fun
[13:34] Azz> one might get a flaming Adam *from* that, but he wouldn't start out on fire, the marker would.
[13:35] thewhiteowl> 'flaming Adams' makes me think of Adam Lambert
[13:37] SporkyRat> Owl: He's def. flaming.
[13:37] Azz> ... great, now I have an AU in my head where Adam Lambert is the Mythbuster, and Adam Savage is the Idol.
[13:38] Azz> THANKS GUYS.
[13:38] sofiaviolet> Azz: I love your brain.
[13:40] Azz> and Mythbuster!Lambert is famous for setting stuff on fire (flaming in more than one way!) and Idol!Savage loves pyrotechnics...

7:24 PM 4/19/2010

8:45 PM 4/19/2010
Also freedom of religion in the US, oh ha ha ha:

7:59 AM 4/20/2010

8:35 AM 4/20/2010
[personal profile] ase has has invented a hilarious game called "Beat the Bus".

8:57 AM 4/20/2010
Safe-To-Eat Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

2:23 PM 4/20/2010
Today has been caffeine and various forms of housework.

11:27 PM 4/20/2010
I managed to escape the wrath of JD and Teshypants by not actually singing aloud to the episode, since it was all Madonna songs, which means I had a fighting chance of having them memorized. (And when they switched up the arrangement and had different lyrics in different places, it tripped me up.) So I was lip-synching, with full diapragm action. The result? HIGH AS A FUCKING KITE MAN. (OH GOD I THINK I'M FALLING / OUT OF THE SKY / I CLOSE MY EYES / HEAVEN HELP ME...)

So wouldn't it be hilarious to dance a first dance with $spouse at your wedding to "Like A Virgin"? :D :D :D :D (oh Connie, get out of my head, sweetie, your squee is sometimes not helpful.) (that's does-not-exist-in-this-universe Connie, not intrepia, heh. :-P )

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