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Strawberries make the world go 'round.

4:51 PM 4/22/2010
Have succeeded at Farmers' Market: tasty tasty strawberries, tasty tasty peas, tasty tasty kettle corn. THEY'RE BACK GUYS. :D :D :D

(There was this tedious saga involving something like zoning regulations being enforced unevenly and not entirely sanely ((do not have all details and the ones I was told went ZIP in-one-ear-out-the-other)), and the kettle corn guys got told that they couldn't make their kettle corn on site. Which was more than half the appeal. And they could do it at every other market just not this one. Finally shit got cleared up. Dude said that people were so very excited, and one lady was jumping up and down. Upon getting my kettle corn, I skipped away, cane and all.)

novembersmith wrote a shiny fusion of Temeraire and Generation Kill, putting some of the marines from GK in the Temeraire universe on dragons. <3_<3 (link is in my Delicious and I'm feeling lazy)

Soon: walk with aunt
Then: TV night yay!

1:32 AM 4/23/2010
Even the least-important, simplest changes are necessary from an organizational standpoint as long as there are trainee developers who need an introduction to working on the code. Or experienced people who need to do something productive but mindless.

3:05 AM 4/23/2010
Very happy to say that aunt reported that she heard back from the vet, and it was not the malignant growth they thought it might have been in the poodle's mouth. So once the poodle recovers from the indignity of having patches of his mouth surgically removed, the poodle should enjoy many more years of being offended about this and that.

Tonight's funtimes: an episode of Bones; partway through (after the skull appeared, I think) I whipped out my phone to email the best friend to advise him that I saw why he had recommended it. Let's hear it for the fibro shoutout! LIONFISH SWIRLIE.

SPN: takeaway from tonight's episode involved: uh, guys? rather not on to invite other people's actual deities to the party, and use them as punching bags (convenient targets who don't get a say). Most notably, YOU CANNOT JUST DO THAT TO THE BARON. (Not "should not, that is not nice", but THAT SHOULD NOT BE EVEN ABLE TO HAPPEN.)

Fringe: The trope for Walter's Lists of Materials is either Murder, Arson, and Jaywalking, or Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick, and tonight it was the latter.
Hello, Peter! Dear Walter, do not delay telling your loved ones important things, or they may find out by themselves.

The Mentalist: hijinks galore! OH GOD. TEA. WHY. TEA. WHY. YOU IDIOT.

Asked Tif to record Mythbusters: No Pain, No Gain for next week.

Speaky-cat was a bit bitey! He also was not Mr. Nice-Smelling for a while. Asterix managed to total a pair of headphones by running through them. I crocheted on the black-and-white project, which attracted all sorts of feline attention. Yarn will do that. Speaky-cat is so soft and pretty, so we love him anyway. (Ditto Asterix. Oh Basement Cat. <3)

I invented a new way to cause myself accidental and oh-god-I-am-never-doing-that-again pain! Attempt to mimic the hand positions of cartoon characters. I moved my thumb. I think I feel it in my *shoulder*. OH GOD OW, DO NOT DO THAT, I DID IT, AND I'M TELLING YOU, DON'T.

11:37 AM 4/23/2010
Dreamwidth stuff: [personal profile] yvi has a poll on features people are using:

1:34 AM 4/24/2010
Powered through a good number of suggestions today. Had difficulties until I figured out how to fix them.

It was all kinds of happy windy out! Went with a walk with my aunt and Deacon down by the pier. Drewface called to chew me out for contaminating his dreams with mythbuster!Glambert. Then the LF called, and I talked to him for a bit, and Sis. I'll try and call tomorrow and just chatter.

Had dinner with my aunt, watched Scotland, PA, which was completely bizarre.

Came home and chattered with Drewface about stuff.

11:01 AM 4/24/2010
There is a Glee drinking game:

4:43 PM 4/24/2010
Signal-boost: Get Mathsie Home.

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